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Lost Eden Q&A #2

This week we take a selection of questions from players on the expansion features!

Alien Mothership Questions[]

With the alien mother ship instances will that be level locked much like the current Alien Play fields or will it be open to all players that have the Alien Invasion expansion pack and/or Lost Eden expansion pack?

The missions will be available to players of almost any level, we may put a very low minimum requirement if needed (so as not to overwhelm new players!) but overall they will work just like the missions received on Rubi-ka in that they will create a mission instance suited to the level of your team

Will the expansion give new opportunity's to earn alien xp or can you only do that in raids at an org city?[]

Yes it will give new opportunities for axp. You won’t need to be in an organisation to take part in the new aliens missions. They fill function in a very similar way to the Rubi-Ka team missions except rather then heading to a location on the planet you will head to a Shuttle for transportation up to the alien motherships!

Missions into alien mother ships, can they be single player missions or do you have to be in a team?[]

The Alien missions will be team missions yes, the alien motherships will not be somewhere to go too alone!

Graphics and Performance[]

I've heard rumors that with this expansion, that Anarchy On line will be getting the brand new Age of Conan engine to improve graphics, make for smoother game play and give the development team an easier time tweaking and fixing the game. Is this true?

No, there wont be a graphics engine upgrade with this expansion. It actually would be far from ‘easier’ and would raise the minimum specifications too much for us to consider using the engine that we are using for Age of Conan. We will though be improving the current engine in terms of performance, which leads us nicely to the next question!

How is the servers going to handle the new load of textures. Because as it is today 40+ people is enough to cause serious lag at a tower war. I can only imagine how it would be with mechs added to it, and of course also an increase of players attending to the tower wars.

We will be installing new hardware into the live dimensions to ensure that the servers can handle the extra activity. We are also improving the way in which the client handles resource loading that should lead to significantly better graphical performance as well. All players will benefit from that update and it isn’t tied to the expansion.


Just one question, when you say you are giving a "window" for people to do Full IPR´s, you are giving us Full IPR or just giving us time to use our current IPR? Because I have 0! =P

What it means is that you will get one full reset of all your skills, and will have a certain time period to choose to use it or not. If you choose to use it you will strip down of all your equipment as usual and rather then resetting just one skill, you will have an option to reset all of them.

Will this IP reset mentioned involve a perk reset as well?

There aren’t any plans to include any kind of perk resets no, perks are something that you already train and un-train as you see fit so there aren’t currently any plans to also give a full perk reset.


Are neutrals going to be removed in the expansion? Will we have to side with clans or omnis or can we at least try to exert our own influence?

Neutrals wont be removed no! They will be able to participate in all aspects of the Lost Eden features in and of their own right. Apologies for any confusion last week’s update caused! The thing is we also realize that as a much smaller number of players are neutral we might also give them the option to fight for the clans or Omni-Tek if they wish, at least that’s an option we are working towards in terms of giving them the choice, but they will be able to fight on their own, research for their own side, and use all the vehicles and features for their own purposes.