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Lost Eden Q&A #4

This week we take another selection of questions from players on the expansion features!

Could you tell us more about the players battles inside a station? How many players will be able to participate and how long a battle should be expected to last?[]

The battle stations are large areas with four control points, players will have to fight for control of these control points whilst battling the enemy on the battlestations. The areas are quite large and we expect that they will be able to support relatively large numbers of players, possibly over a hundred as we expect combat to get quite spread out across the various control points.

The encounters will be ‘timed’ so players have to work against a clock, with the side who has the highest ‘score’ (points are awarded at intervals based on how many control points your side controls) at the end of the time winning that encounter.

This is something that we will for sure tune in beta based on feedback and how exactly things start to play out when we let the testers lose on the battlestations, so nothing is set in stone for now.

How players will be able to join a station battle? Will we be able to join after the battle started? Will we be able to rejoin a battle if we died?[]

Players will be able to sign up for the battlestations, either alone or as a team, and will then be teleported to the stations when a slot is available, the system will balance the sides somewhat and have minimum and maximum caps, so again this is something that we will fine tune during the beta process, but the intention is to ensure that players don’t have to wait for too long to access the battlestations!

Player who die in the Battlestations will go to a respawn area within the battlestation so they can rejoin the fight until they decide to leave the station.

Will we be allowed to use Mech only for PvP or also for PVE, for example some hunting on Rubi-Ka or inside new dungeons introduced by the expansion?[]

The Mechs and vehicles will only be used in PvP at the time the expansion launches. They are designed to combat each other and would be too powerful for us to allow them to be used anytime, anywhere against anybody as it were without restrictions.

Which leads us to the next question…

Is there any plan to see aliens or any PVE opponents using Mechs against us? In few words, some PvE and Mechs versus Mechs

Although as mentioned above there won’t be when the expansion launches, the new vehicles will certainly feature in some way in content we produce going forward after the expansion launches, so in the future we will definitely be considering this type of content.

Could you tell us more about new players buildings you announced on IGN a while ago? For example, what will be the features available for players with these new generation buildings?[]

This is one element that we actually changed a little since our early designs. We came to realise that the majority of city owners don’t have large amounts of room for new buildings and that re-arranging your player city isn’t the easiest or cheapest option for many orgs. Therefore what we have done is moved the PvP functions to within the Org Headquarters. Organisations will be able to call down the orbital strikes and the like from a console in the command room. That of course means that they will have to have good communication with their forces in the field, so they know where to direct the strikes!

That's it for this week, keep the questions coming, and keep an eye out for more answers next week!