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Lost Eden Q&A #5

This week we take another selection of questions from players on the expansion features!

Can you give us any information on the new personal research? Do they work like perks or are they something new?[]

The personal research system offers seventy new options to learn for each profession. Unlike some perks, there are no ‘shared’ research lines, each profession has their own unique line of research open to them.

These researched abilities will provide two types of benefits – firstly passive stat bonuses just like perks that boost your stats. Secondly there are also around twenty new abilities for each profession in these research lines (The final number is still being decided). As mentioned in previous updates these new options provide an ability that when activated gives you a chance on hit (or being hit) to fire off a special attack or buff as a ‘proc’.

On the new notum wars towers, will they be stationary like existing towers or not?[]

The towers themselves will be stationary, however some of them, like the anti vehicle turret or the anti personal turret will be ‘mountable’ meaning that a player must mount the turret and actively use it against their foes, it doesn’t just stand there and fire at a target like the existing towers do.

Will it be possible to use your perks, items or special attackes when you are using a mech?[]

No, when a player is in a mech, the type of mech they are in dictates their available actions. You will not be able to use any other actions other then those that the mech allows.

Will Mechs be able to be effected by normal attacks, nanoprograms, debuffs or thing like roots and calms?[]

No, whilst in a mech, the dangers to you are other mechs, other vehicles and other installations like the anti-vehicle turrets. In addition players will also get access to special weapons (like the rocket launcher) that can be used to specifically target a mech, so whilst a mech can wade through a great deal of unprepared opponents, if the other side has a team full of people with rocket launchers lined up it might find itself in trouble fast!

Lost Eden PvP will thus add a great tactical element to tower battles, everything will hinge on how well prepared each side is and figuring out the right balance in terms of what you need in a certain situation. As above if you have that team ready with their rocket launchers that’s a team of people that aren’t as ready for an infantry attack as they are for the possibility of mechs being deployed. We think it will add a great deal of variety to the Notum wars battles!

That's it for this week, keep the questions coming, and keep an eye out for more answers next week!