Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Macros are Buttons for the Quickbar. The can either be created via dropping items on the Quickbar, Armor, First Aid Kits, Weapons, Specials or Nanos. Or via typing commands in chat. The syntax to create command macros is:

"/macro <macro name> /<command to be executed>"


  • "/macro Attack /pet attack" = your Bot will try to attack your current target.
  • "/macro Guard /pet "meatball" guard" = your pet named "meatball" will guard you.
  • "/macro Pulp /pet social pulp" = will execute the emote /pulp (only for NPC charmed pets)
  • "/macro Watch_out /s Watch out! A %t!" = will result in the shout: "Watch out! A <name of your target>!"
  • "/macros Assist /assist Dysfunktion" = will give you the fighting target of Dysfunktion