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IMPLANTS!!!!:Martial Artist.

Anything that increases STR, AGI, SPD, or M.A. I personaly go with some that increase comp lit, cause the grid is amazing and VERY usefull. also go to my buffs article.

Do I Have An Option?[]

While the Implants provided at your local Martial Artist Implant Vendor are incredibly useful, they may not be quite what you need. A complete MA-specific set will provide a bonus to stats such as Body Dev, First Aid, Brawl and Dimach, as well as increasing your Max Health, but there are a few downfalls to the set. They provide *some* MA and 1H bonuses, but you will find that the older you get, the more you need to start looking outside your "Martial-Artist-Implant-Vendor Circle"

If you are a weapon wielding Martial Artist - in particular swords - The Adventurer's Implant Vendor will provide useful implants to boost your weaponry skills.

If you're a few points off a new med-strain of nanos, try the Doctor, Adventurer or "General" Vendor.


  • Keep your old implants in your bank. The re-sell price of implants is not worth the bother, and older implants can always be shifted to alternate characters or used as barter in trades.
  • It's difficult to balance out all your character traits when relying solely on implants. Try getting a buff/boost or wrangle to aid you wherever possible.
  • Where possible, mission for your implants. A QL 50 set of implants will set you back several hundred thousand credits. Save time and money by seeking your implants as a mission reward, or as chest loot. Player markets are the third place that implants might be procured.