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As a newborn -though handsome - Martial Artist, Life seems peachy. Mobs fall under your touch. The loot gets heavy on your back, and your points are practically priceless. But here are some tips that may help you out earlier - or later - in life.

  • Which points to raise? When they're all this cheap, raising points must be easy, right? Only to begin with. If you invest in too many branches to begin with, it will make your life hell when you're older. Raise only the essentials: All Base Stats + Body Dev, Phys Init,Martial Artistry, Evade Close & Ranged, First aid & Treatment - the other FA stats: EG; Bio Mod, Mat Crea, will play a big part later on in life, so dont feel bad if you have points left over every other level because you'll need them.
  • Right from the start, hoarde buffs and boosts that raise your MA, Body Dev and Init's.
  • Keep your heals up to date. Too often i've had soldiers relying on me to heal them - an odd request even at the best of times - so keep your healing packs & nanos up to - if not above - date.
  • Mission for all the items, nanos, implants and accessories that you can.
  • Raise Computer Literacy!! The Grid is an invaluable asset to your Martial Artist.


  • As soon as you're old enough & know the way, head out to Greater Tir County. It's Clan Territory, but it will yield a wonderous surprise: The Temple Of The Three Winds. A Temple? I hear you ask, What good can Cultists and Fanatics provide me as a Martial Artist? For One thing: Credits. By the bucket! You'll have to compete during peak hour for the mobs as the Temple is open to anyone who can get there, but the rewards will be surprising!

And while you're at it, Look for the Tattered Remains of a book. It's called the Tree Of Enlightenment, and it comes in 6 pieces. Take these to a Hermit hiding in Greater Tir County, she'll crazy glue the pieces together and reward you with a very useful Special Attack. It doesn't do much damage, but it will save your life more than once with its +120point instant heal.

  • Keep your friends close. A Martial Artist can solo just fine, but it's nice to be able to call a group together quickly. And being an MA, this won't be an issue. Make friends with those you enjoyed grouping with. Invite them to group with you when their online. You'd be amazed what a difference one person can make when the going gets tough.



  • 1-25 The subway and missions are your best bet. Solo or in groups, at your own bequest.
  • 25-50 If you can stand it, the Temple of the Three Winds will provide everything you need - except a shop or a safe place to rest... Alternatively, Missions are still located in your local area.
  • 50-80 Foremans Dungeon, Located in The Longest Road. Its another open dungeon, so be prepared to group.
  • 80+ If you have Shadowlands, then Hecklers. If not, then head over to Perpetual Wastelands with a team and kill cyborgs.

Please feel free to add your own tips, tricks and techniques here.