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The Town of Meetmedere

One of the most infamous small towns in all of Rubi-Ka, the Neutral aligned Meetmedere lays close to the northern edge of the Newland Desert.


The story of Meetmedere is much like that of other northern cities on Rubi-Ka in that it started out as an Omni-Tek mining out post. This is evident from the sand blasted plate construction that is seen in other old OT mining towns. Around town you can also see the remains of Omni-Tek slogans such as "Omni-Tek: Behave Exemplary". From its mining town days, things get a little fuzzy till around September of 29476. It can be surmised that during the two civil wars on Rubi-Ka that followed, Meetmedere was either (likely) occupied by Clan forces or forgotten about in the midst of the struggle.

An alternate view on this history is that Meetmedere was actually made by the Clans out of scavenged materials as a base till Omni-2 was taken in the First Rubi-Ka Civil war.

In 29476, Omni-Tek moved forces into Meetmedere and met with some staunch resistance, resulting in the damage to the city that we see today. Unfortunately the details of the operation in Meetmedere remain a mystery because the records from that period seem to have been erased. Remnants of that period can still be found though, such as Guard bot charging and maintenance stations and radio towers.

When the ICC deployed its Peacekeepers in August 29476, several were deployed to defend Meetmedere. It is uncertain how these Peacekeepers interacted with the Omni-Tek personnel, but if they allowed the occupation of Meetmedere it suggests a precident for the events that happened in Borealis where the ICC allowed Omni-Tek to take over peacekeeping duties.

Between the ICC Peacekeeper deployment and the start of the Kyr'ozch Siege of the planet, Meetmedere was considered to be the pvp capital of Rubi-Ka because of its non-existent suppression and plenty of places to hide in the rubble. After the seige, everything changed when the notorious Uncle Bazzit made his presence known in the city. The suppression changed to 75% and most of the people who frequented the city for combat left to look for their sport elsewhere.

Present Day[]


Uncle Bazzit's Workshop

The climate in Meetmedere has calmed down from the days of its combat glory and is now only really occupied by people passing through to battle the Cyborgs at the crater in Mort to the north. Its been surmised that Meetmedere is a den of thevies and other unsavory folk who are looking to hide away, but since there is very little official news out of Meetmedere little can be told of the truth of this. This might be why Investigator Marciello spends all his time there.

Uncle Bazzit's Workshop[]

One could say that the only major industry of Meetmedere is that of Uncle Bazzit's workshop. When the Kyr'Ozch arrived, Bazzit seemed to have advance notice and capitalized on the situation by opening his stores of goods relating to the creation of organizational cities around Rubi-Ka.

Uncle Bazzit's main industry though is weapon modification and custom builds. While he is sometimes considered the best in his craft around, he only opens his doors to that service for a select few.


There are very few services in Meetmedere, possibly due to its romote location and lack of upkeep or interest after Omni-Tek left in 29476.

  • Some basic shops can be found in Meetmedere outside of Uncle Bazzit's workshop, these include a bank terminal. It would seem that somebody just pulled out all the basic terminals out of a basic shop and set them outside.
  • Meetmedere can be reached by Grid. The exit takes you to outside the city proper near the prison, but the grid entrance is in the city outside the Workshop.

Sites to See[]

  • Out side of the main walls of the city you can see a Neutral Prison located at (1578,2817).
  • There is a giant door in Meetmedere located at (1484,2768), while it doesn't get up and dance, it is very mysterious.
  • At (1546,2721) can be found the entrance to Uncle Bazzit's Workshop.


  • Investigator Marciello stands at (1590, 2816) near the prison. Marciello works for the ICC and is trying to track down a murderer. If you help him, he could probably spare you some interesting gadgets.
  • Sally Tall can be found by the giant door in MeetMeDere at (1478,2761) and doesn't talk much to non-fixers who are not on a job for her.


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