Brawling is a skill used to equip weapons that have the Brawl special attack ability. The higher your skill in Brawl the more effective these special attacks will be. Note that Brawl is also enabled inherently when using no weapons.

Brawling clusters
101614.gif Brawling Cluster - Shiny (Left-Arm)(Auno)
101612.gif Brawling Cluster - Bright (Right-Arm)(Auno)
101610.gif Brawling Cluster - Faded (Waist)(Auno)

Brawling buff nanosEdit

Brawl Buffs
x21px Dirty Fighter(Auno) +45 (Martial Artist, 11 NCU)
Brawl Expertise
x21px Composite Physical Special Expertise(Auno) +20 (general, SL only, 4 NCU)
x21px Brawl Expertise(Auno) +20 (general, 4 NCU)
x21px Brawl Proficiency(Auno) +10 (general, 2 NCU)

Maximum buff: 65 (Dirty Fighter + Brawl Expertise, 15 NCU)

Brawling buff itemsEdit

Fast attackEdit

Dimach (soul attack)Edit

The dreaded 'soul attack' or 'death strike' of martial arts legend. This skill is used primarily by Martial Artists, but is also enabled with certain melee weapons. Dimach's damage increases and refresh time decreases with higher skill.

Dimach clusters
x21px Dimach Cluster - Shiny (Chest)(Auno)
x21px Dimach Cluster - Bright (Head)(Auno)
x21px Dimach Cluster - Faded (Waist)(Auno)

Dimach buff nanosEdit

Dimach buff itemsEdit


This odd skill was once used to turn melee attacks back onto an attacker, but this ability was disabled some time before Shadowlands was released. Now it is used primarily as a requirement for equipping or using certain MA attacks and Keeper weapons.

Riposte clusters
x21px Riposte Cluster - Shiny (Right-Wrist)(Auno)
x21px Riposte Cluster - Bright (Left-Wrist)(Auno)
x21px Riposte Cluster - Faded (Right-Arm)(Auno)

Riposte buff nanosEdit

Riposte buff itemsEdit

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