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Required Skills[]

  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Required Items and Tools[]

Item / Tool *1 from
Precious Metal Reclaimer W Shop
Ring or Bracer (s.o.) V Loot
*1 W = reusable, V = consumed

The Following Rings and Bracers Can Be Melted[]

Icon Name Result Icon Name Result
File:136602.png Engagement Ring Silver File:136598.png Golden Ring Gold
File:136604.png Flower Ring Silver File:136606.png Marriage Ring Gold
File:136608.png OT Ring Silver File:136618.png Bracelet of Ka Gold
File:136614.png Pink Ring Silver File:136620.png Golden Bracer Gold
File:136600.png Ring of Zern Silver File:136630.png Golden Nugget Gold
File:136616.png Ring of Suffering Silver File:136642.png Golden Sphere Gold
File:84158.png Ring of Power - Elements Silver
File:84156.png Ring of Power - Energy Silver
File:84154.png Ring of Power - Melee Silver
File:84150.png Ring of Power - Physics Silver
File:84148.png Ring of Power - Projectiles Silver
File:136610.png Snake Ring Silver
File:136656.png Toe-Ring Silver
File:136634.png Silver Nugget Silver


150929 + File:136598.png = File:232660.png Skills: ME
Precious Metal Reclaimer Ring or Bracer Small Silver/Gold Ingot QL x 3,2

The ingots made this way can be used for various Tradeskills, like Virral Triumvirate Egg, Bracelet of Arul Saba and for other jewelry


  • Small Platinum Ingots always drop as is so there are no items that can be melted into Platinum.
  • All of the items that can be melted in this fashion come from the AO classic game material. A series of items and ores was introduced in the Shadowlands but these cannot be melted or used for Jewelry.

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