Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

The Toolset of the MP[]

The Meta-Physicists get their strength from the "other side". They can manifest their emotions in the material world and eventually control multiple materialized entities and use them in combat. The uniqueness of a Meta-Physicist lies in manipulating the underlying fabric of the world where nanotechnology operates, adjusting the nanotechnology skills of friends and foes alike. Their weapon skills are poor but they can use their powers to damage their opponents directly.


The Meta-Physicist can control up to three entities - pets - at a time. One fighter, by many regarded as the manifestation of the innate rage, anger and hate that permeates the MPs. One healer, often seen as the representation of the MPs love, compassion and tenderness. Finally, the MP can control a mezmeriser, representing the confusion, depression and inner turmoil. These three combined are your attack and protection force, and what will make you both a damage dealer, a healer and able to solo. Love your pets.

  • There are 53 attack pets pets, including two skeleton pets, three Shadowlands demons (Shadowlands Expansion Only) and the final MP pet, The Rihwen (Alien Invasion Expansion Only), which takes the shape as a mortiig. You can only have one attack pet up at a time, and the 'meatballs', skeletons and demons all have different qualities.
  • The heal pets comes in 10 different strengths, including the Mortificant, the most powerful of them all (Shadowlands only). Again, only one healer at a time is allowed.
  • Finally, there are 16 different versions of the mezz pet. These pets are often underestimated, as they don't necessarily seem very helpful at first glance. However, this is not the case, as the mezzer will help you calm if you get more than one mob coming after you.

Attack Pets[]

Attack pets are a Meta-Physicist's best weapon for most of his life. The better the pet, the higher the damage output and lifespan. Attack pets require an investment in the nanoskills Time Space and Matter Creation in order to be cast. Attack pets can have their damage output and hit landing rate (attack rating) further enhanced through specific pet buffs.

At high level, some meta-physicists can outdamage their pets by a more or less important margin. Shadowlands demons and The Rhiwen have a fixed life duration of 30 minutes and don't follow the lifespan increase of the lower pets.

The complete list of attack pets can be consulted in the Meta-Physicists Appendix: Attack Pets.

Pet Buffs[]

A meta-physicist's pets can (and should) be buffed in order to enhance their efficiency. This is valid more for the attack pet than for the two other ones but a good buff on one of them might signify the difference between a shameful defeat or a glorious victory.

This is especially valid at the lowest levels when buffing your pets has a lot more relative effect on their skills. For instance, it can be important to remember to buff Medinos, your first healpet, with nanoregen so that it doesn't run out of nano, while Mortificant the Eternal can't possibly dry up its nano.

Chants and Instills[]
Animas and Evocations[]

Whenever given the chance, use Evocation nanos instead of Anima nanos. Both nanos boost your attack pet damage's output, the difference being that Evocations in addition to lasting much longer have an effect both on attack rating (which is of the outmost importance for Rubi-Ka demons) and damage. Animas only buff damage and last a very short time.

Although animas of the same name buff for more damage, if a hit doesn't land because the attack rating of your pet is too low, you are actually losing damage over time in comparison to using evocations.

Pet Unroot Nanos[]

Heal Pets[]

As the name indicates, healpets can heal the damage their target is dealt. The first time a healpet is cast will change the meta-physicist's gameplay dramatically. This pet can not only heal players but pretty much anything it is ordered to, other pets, some NPCs or Notum Wars towers included.

Icon Name QL TS BM HP Nano Healing:
Duration NCU Comments
File:125738.png Calling of Medinos 17 84 84 HP Nano Min-Max Duration NCU
Bought in Basic Shop. Missionable.

File:125738.png Calling of Salvinous 37 175 175 HP Nano Min-Max Duration NCU
Bought in Basic Shop. Missionable.

Mezz Pets[]

Mezz pets are the a Meta-Physicist's crowd control tool. In matter of "crowd" it actually prevents one target at a time from executing any action: moving, casting or dealing damage. The nanoprogram the mezz pet uses is not a calm, it is a stun. This means that the target of the pet is still capable of aggroing its environment (the pet owner or the other pets in general) and prevent its target from using heal kits (for instance), since it is under attack. Despite those limitations, this is a very powerful tool in the meta-physicist's arsenal.

Icon Name QL TS MM HP Nano Duration NCU Comments
File:156128.png Lesser Distracting Sphere 4 36 36 HP Nano Duration NCU
Not available in shops. Must be missioned for or bought from players.

File:156128.png Distracting Sphere 11 64 64 HP Nano Duration NCU
Not available in shops. Must be missioned for or bought from players.

Creation weapons[]

MPs can create weapons and shields from their own energy resources. Each creation item will last for 2 hours once created and is bound to you, ergo NoDrop. While there are different opinions whether or not they are worth the time and energy expense instead of using an offensive weapon, it's really a matter of preference. If you play full defensive and without weapons, a shield like Shield of Asmodian can be useful, with its defensive modifiers along with a little AC and reflect. Try your way around, see what you like.

Nanoskill Buffs[]

Meta-Physicists are often asked to cast those nanoprograms by pretty much every profession quite often. These will increase their own nanoskills in order to reach better buffs and pets and as a help to others for them to cast their programs. The most renown of those buffs are Mocham's Gifts (aka Mochies) and Composite Infuses (aka CI).