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General Information[]

Npc milo chatter


  • Milo Chatter
  • Solitus Trader


  • Neutral
  • Organisation unknown


  • Near the Whompah in 20K - Pleasant Meadows.
  • Coordinates: 1233 x 2314
  • Area: Central Meadows

Talk with Milo Chatter[]

Milo Chatter: Hello.
Cirte: Who are you?
Milo Chatter: My name is Milo Chatter, and I'm a trader.
Cirte: What do you do?
Milo Chatter: I'm a trader.

I trade, of course!

Cirte: Tell me about yourself.
Milo Chatter: It was considered suicide to set up shop in these regions when I first got here.

There were lots of monsters, and many traders died or ran home to their mothers.
But I stuck around, and with a little help from Omni-Tek I managed to set up this outpost!

Cirte: Do you know a guy called Horatio Campbell?
Milo Chatter: That bastard!

He uses every opportunity to comment on my age!
Actually, I think he's older than me.
Anyway... he usually hides out down in Omni-1 Trade.

Cirte: Tell me about Pleasant Meadows.
Milo Chatter: Pleasant Meadows is an interesting place.

It's controlled by Omni-Tek... and yet there is a rebel tower right in the middle of it!
The main character here in Pleasant Meadows is the warden, Silverleaf Funguspore.

Cirte: Tell me about the tower.
Milo Chatter: Versailles Tower is a rebel island in an ocean of Omni-Tek.

Its inhabitant, Sir Lancelot, is a member of a clan called the Knights.
The Knights have their main base in the castle of Camelot, up north in Avalon.

Cirte: Tell me about Silverleaf Funguspore.
Milo Chatter: He he.

Our good Funguspore is a strange creature.
He has limitless ambitions for power and money, but he has no initiative or competence to realize any of them.
Currently he is the warden of Pleasant Meadows, but I fear even that job is too much for him.

Cirte: Goodbye
Milo Chatter: Have a nice day!

--Cirte 20:42, 14 December 2005 (CET)