Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

The mini-map in Anarchy Online is a very handy tool that can be used both indoors and outside. It provides a local map of the zone you are in. To activate it press CTRL + 6 or select mini-scroll bar option 6. The map will should appear along the right side of the screen.

Outside you can use it avoid mobs and find mission locations. Details shown on the mini-map makes traveling outside quicker and safer. You can avoid areas of high level mobs and find ways around blocked areas.

Inside you can plan how you are going to complete a mission. Inside dungeons and buildings it shows rooms, doors, and mobs. Looking at the door locations, you get an idea of how big and complicated the dungeon or building is. Security droids are shown with the areas they are currently scanning.

To earn tokens as a mission reward, many times to need to kill all the mobs insure a 100% chance of getting the token. The map will show you all the mobs and npc's. So you if you’re going for tokens, you can find and kill all the mobs before collecting the reward. If you’re blitzing a mission, it helps by showing you where the mobs are and what rooms you have already been in.

Customizing Map Display[]

The height, width, and location of the map can be changed. While the mini-map is docked with the Mini-Tool bar, you can only make it longer or shorter by using the mouse. In order to change its width or location on the screen, you first need to undock it from the Mini-Tool bar. Don't worry you can put it back if you want. Undock the Map from the Mini-Tool Bar

  1. Move the cursor to the map tab.
  2. Press left mouse button
  3. Press right mouse button
  4. Move floating tab to left and then let release mouse button
  5. The map should be a floating window to can put anywhere on the screen. Plus now you can adjust both the height and width of the map.

Dock the Map on the Mini-Tool Bar[]

  1. Move the cursor to the map tab.
  2. Press left mouse button
  3. Press right mouse button
  4. Move floating tab to the upper right side of screen and release mouse button
  5. The map should now be dock under the Mini-Tool bar

Notum Wars - Land Control[]

There are three buttons that can be added to the Mini-Map to assist with Notum Wars - Land Control. The Info button provides a variety of information about PvP land control areas. Some of the more useful information is the PvP level of the area and the attack range of the defending towers. The Build button can be used to build towers and turrets. The War button is used to attack a location.

Enable the Land Control buttons

  1. Left click on the I in the upper left corner of the map
  2. Check show buttons.
  3. Now the three buttons Local, Build and War are at the button of the map

Map upgrades[]

Prior to patch 18.7, some mini-map features were locked as upgrades which required map navigation skill to use.

Each playfield required a separate map. Characters began with a set of default maps for the chosen side on Starter Island. Additional maps and upgrades had to be purchased from a map terminal in stores. Characters needed to meet a map or upgrade's map navigation skill requirement to install it, but it would continue to function permanently regardless of the character's map navigation value.

As of patch 18.7, all maps and mini-map features function for all characters, and the map navigation skill is disabled.