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Mission Terminals
Team Missions (Left) and Solo Missions (Right)

Missions are random 'dungeon' areas that are generated by the game with a goal in mind. These missions are excellent for getting training and experience in the field as well as the cash necessary to bankroll your character. Missions are generally given out by mission terminals that can be found in any city on Rubi-Ka; although, there are missions that are given out by NPCs in the higher level Shadowlands gardens, as well as the Outzones Staging Area by the Unicorns.

Some quests will use the random dungeon generator of the mission system.

Missions Panel[]

You can access your missions panel by pressing Ctrl + 4 or clicking on the Missions button. This will open your Missions panel where you can see the icons for your current missions. You can upload the coordinates of the mission to your map by right-clicking the mission and choosing Upload To Map.

Missions Booths[]

There are two types of mission booths: individual and team. These are found only in Rubi-Ka and do not exist on Jobe. There are Neutral, Clan and Omni-Tek mission booths.

Getting a Mission[]


Mission Selection Window

To get a mission, you would right-click on a mission booth. This will bring up a screen where you can request a selection of missions. This screen has six boxes on it, and will display 5 missions when you click on the Request Missions buttons. There is a drop-down arrow that will bring up a selection of sliders that allow you to control which type of missions you want to do.

You select a mission from the mission terminal by clicking on it, then clicking the Accept Mission button. Each mission will put a mission key in your inventory. This is a temporary item and cannot be moved to a backpack. This mission key will disappear when you complete the mission or when the mission expires. Missions from mission booths typically expire 48 hours after they are received. Mission keys can be duplicated with a duplicator, which can be purchased from a shop, from the Tools kiosk.

Mission Options[]

The different types of missions and the qualities of the missions you roll with the mission terminal can be changed using the mission option sliders. There are six different sliders that each influence different qualities of the mission: Good/Bad, Order/Chaos, Open/Hidden, Physical/Mystical, Headon/Stealth, Money/XP.

  • Good/Bad - This slider will have and effect on the types of mobs you will encounter in a mission. The slider set all the way to the 'Good' end will end up with a higher percentage of 'human' mobs, while at the the 'Bad' end will have more 'monster' type mobs. The slider set in the middle is more likely to have 'robotic' type mobs.
  • Order/Chaos - This slider will often have and effect on the types of missions you get. Full Order results in more observation, find item, or retrieval missions, while Full Chaos will give a higher percentage of kill missions.
  • Open/Hidden - Missions that are more open have less locked doors and less locked chests while hidden missions have more. It should be noted that more difficult missions have higher chances of having locked doors and chests. For low level characters, full hidden missions are a boon because of the very large xp bonus for unlocking doors compared to the skill required.
  • Physical/Mystical - A mission that is 'Physical' will have more weapon oriented mobs like Enforcers, Soldiers, or Martial Artists. A Mystical mission has more caster style mobs such as Doctors, Nano-Technitions, and Meta-Physicists.
  • Head On/Stealth - This influences mob behavior so that a full 'Head On' mission will have mobs who are more likely to aggress a character on sight and bring others with, and a full 'Stealth' mission has mobs that are less likely to do this so it is easier to sneak past them.
  • Money/XP - A very simple slider group: it controls how the reward of the mission leans. Missions that are 'full money' are the most popular because the XP reward of missions is often considered to be less worth while than the cash.

Mission Types[]

The types of mission are:


You will be asked to kill a named MOB. These types of mission frequently do not list which zone the mission is in.

Find Person

You will be asked to find a named MOB in a mission. In the mission, you would locate the named MOB, click on them and then wait until the mission completes.

Find Item

You will be asked to find an item in a mission. Typically, these items appear as small pyramids with a blue Q on them, a black square with a red and white Q or as a thin grey rectangle. In the mission, you would locate this item, click on it and then wait until the mission completes. (You may also pick up the item to complete the mission.) This is the easiest type of mission to blitz.

Recover Item

You will be asked to find an item in a mission and then return this item to the mission terminal. You must return the item to the same mission terminal where you got the mission, so it is very important to remember which terminal you got the mission from. In the mission, you would locate this item, double-click on it to pick it up, then return to the mission terminal, click on the item and, with the item on your cursor, right-click the mission terminal.


You will be asked to either rescue a person from a container or to repair a device. You will be given an item when you receive the mission. In the mission, you would locate the container or device, then click the mission item and, with the mission item on your cursor, right-click the container or device.

Bring to Person

This kind of missions can be obtained only from an NPC (as part of a quest) and not from a mission booth. Basically, it's just like Recover Item, but you should return the item not to the terminal, but to the quest-giver.

Mission Blitzing[]

Blitzing a mission means to complete the mission in the shortest possible amount of time, preferably without having to kill anything. This is done in order to receive the item reward for the mission. Find Item missions are favored for blitzing as the item can be found and picked up. There is no need to wait for the mission to complete. Typically, blitzing is done by buffing Runspeed, AC and health and then running through mission ahead of the mobs trying to attack you. It is also possible to sneak through missions to get the item without killing anything; however, as this requires high Concealment, this is typically done by agents.

Token and Tokenboards[]

Along with an item, XP and/or money, there is another reward for missions successfully completed. This reward is called a token. Tokens can be earned by Clan and Omni-Tek characters. Neutrals cannot earn tokens. Tokens are used with side token boards and grant special bonuses. In order to receive a token for a mission, you must kill a certain amount of the mobs in the mission. Killing all of the mobs gives you a 100% chance of receiving a token. You have a lesser chance of receiving a token if you kill fewer mobs. You will know when you have a chance of receiving a token and what percentage of a chance you have because a message will appear along with your XP for a kill, telling you this. This message only appears after you have killed a threshold number of mobs. This number varies from mission to mission. Until you receive this message, you have no chance of receiving a token. The token that you receive is a single icon that appears in your inventory. When you right-click on the token, it will increase your token count by your level/25, rounded up to the next integer.


The following equipment is recommended for missions:

  • Backpacks. Many items drop as loot during missions. You do not want to run out of inventory space, as this can result in not receiving the reward for the mission.
  • Lockpick. Some doors and containers are locked even in low-level missions. In order to unlock these, you need a lockpick. Lockpicks can be purchased from the shop, from the Tools kiosk. You need Break & Entry skill to use a lockpick.
  • Bomb Disarming Tool. Some doors and containers are trapped even in low-level missions. Traps include spawning animals, blindness and damage. These are available from the shop, from the Tools kiosk. You need Trap Disarm skill to use a bomb disarming tool. This tool is not essential for mission success, but at low levels these traps can be deadly
  • Med kits, nano kits and first aid. It's always important to be able to heal yourself.
  • Ammunition. If your weapon requires ammunition, make sure you have plenty of it before you go on a mission.
  • A light source. Many missions are very dark. Having some form of light source, such as night vision goggles, is a must.