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General Information[]

Npc Moog


  • Moog
  • Nanomage Engineer


  • Clan
  • Organisation unknown


Talk with Moog[]

Moog: Hello.
Cirte: Who are you?
Moog: I am Moog.

Chief Engineer Moog!

Cirte: What do you do?
Moog: I work, don't I?

I'm perfecting my plan.
Those monsters are going to DIE!!

Cirte: Err... Monsters?
Moog: They're everywhere!!They're all over the place! You never get away from them!

There are a lot of them in the swamp! Don't go there...

Cirte: I want to talk about something else.
Moog: What?
Cirte: Can you tell me something about the outpost?
Moog: Outpost 10-3. It was perfect!

I designed every little bit of that beautiful outpost.
And it was perfect!But those bastard traitors at Omni-Tek didn't give me the troops I needed!
So now the monsters have the run of the place, and I'm reduced to living in this crummy bridge!

Cirte: Do you know Richelieu?
Moog: Oh. You don't want to go near him!

He's crazy! He's lost what little ming he...
what middle lint he...
what mind little had...
what little mind he...
Go mind your own business!!

Cirte: Goodbye
Moog: Bye. Come back sometime.

Or don't.
Whatever you want.

--Cirte 20:45, 14 December 2005 (CET)