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Needed skills[]

  • Nano Programming (NP)
  • Computer Literacy (CL)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)
  • Field Quantum Physics (FQP)

Needed items and tools[]

Item / Tool *1 Location QL
149947 Jensen Personal Ore Extractor R Shop
General Tools and Bases
at least 25%
72783 Isotope Separator R at least 25%
99235 Neutron Displacer R at least 50%
144788 Photon Particle Emitter Photon Particle Emitter Co Shop
Nano Crystal Componets
at least 50%
144797 Symbol Library Combat Symbol Library Co/C at least 25%
144779 Crystal Reflection Pattern Co/C at least 25%
150273 Carbonrich Rock Co Gathered (see below) at least 100%
156062 Empty Instruction Disc Instruction Disc Co Loot, Chests Determines the QL
R = Reusable, Co = Consumption, C = has to be used with the right class

Because you can reuse the first three tools, it's advisable to buy them directly in a QL suitable for higher Nano Programs. (The highest buildable Nano Program is of QL 239 (Anima of The Abomination))

Locations of Carbonrich Rocks[]

Unfortunately, these rocks can not be bought in any shop (except of PS, of course) and can be found in certain areas only, which there are:

Area QL-Range Coords
Condemned Subway ~ 25-30 Sidecave before Bloodcreeper
4 Holes 1-60 far scattered
Broken Shores 1-150 2350 x 3482
Avalon 10-110 2446 x 1317
Avalon 10-110 1672 x 763
Central Artery Valley 30-245 1200 x 1000
Deep Artery Valley 60-230 1685 x 2950

In these areas you often have to challenge mobs in the same level range. If you are of a lower level, you should use a yalm or ask an adv for parrot to collect the rocks.


During the crafting process you have to consider, that the Symbol Library and the Crystal Reflection Pattern have to be of the same 'Class' like the Instruction Disc. The following classes are available:

Class Crystal Reflection Pattern Symbol Library
Combat 144779 144797 Symbol Library Combat
Medical 144778 144796 Symbol Library Medical
Protection 144776 144794 Symbol Library Protection
PSI 144774 144792 Symbol Library PSI
Space 144772 144789 Symbol Library Space

Creating the Program Crystal[]

The combination of items in Anarchy Online has to be done in the following way:

First, you pick up the item, which should be added to an other, with a leftclick. After tat you drag the item on the second one and combine them with a shift-rightclick. Alternativly you can use the tradeskill window <Shift+T>. The so created item will appear in the next free slot in your inv. It's advisable to have at least one free slot during the creation of new items.

To get a Prepared Programm Crystal from a Carbonrich Rock the following progress steps are needed:

149947 + 150273 = 144770 Carbonrich Ore Skills: ME
Jensen POE Carbonrich Rock Carbonrich Ore QL x 3
72783 + 144770 Carbonrich Ore = 144799 Skills: ME/EE
Isotope Separator Carbonrich Ore Pure Carbon Crystal QL x 3,75
99235 + 144799 = 72801 Program Crystal Skills: ME/QFP
Neutron Displacer Pure Carbon Crystal Program Crystal QL x 4,25
! Attention ! From now on the Crystal will be "formatet" to a specified class !
149884 + 72801 Program Crystal = 144787 Prepared Program Crystal Combat Skills: EE/QFP
Crystal Reflection Pattern Program Crystal Prepared Program Crystal QL x 4,5

Creating the Nano Program[]

144797 Symbol Library Combat + 147077 Instruction Disc Active Viral Agent = 145577 Compiled Algorithm (Active Viral Agent) Skills: NP/CL
Symbol Library Instruction Disc Compiled Algorithm QL x 4
144788 Photon Particle Emitter + 145577 Compiled Algorithm (Active Viral Agent) = 148577 Programmed Photon Particle Emitter (Active Viral Agent) Skills: NP
Photon Particle Emitter Compiled Algorithm Programmed PhotonParticle Emitter QL x 4,25
144787 Prepared Program Crystal Combat + 148577 Programmed Photon Particle Emitter (Active Viral Agent) = 44178 Nano Crystal (Active Viral Agent) Skills: ME/NP
Prepared Program Crystal Programmed PhotonParticle Emitter Nano Crystal QL x 4,5
These icons are from the Nano Program 'Active Viral Agent', other programs have different icons

Congratulations. The program is ready now and can be uploaded.

Repairing Corroded Crystals[]

Nano Programs found in the Shadowlands often are corroded, so you don't have a chance of 100% to upload them. But you can repair them with a Nano Programming Interface.
ATTENTION: Several Nano Programs exist as an 'Improved Version' (their name is : "Weird looking xxx"). If you repair such a crystal, the result will be the original RK Nano Program! The improvement of the Nano Program will be lost!

Repair a Nano Program in the following way:

161699 + File:221900.png = File:99587.png Skills: NP
Nano Programming Interface Blood Stained and Corroded Crystal (Uncontrollable Body Tremors) Nano Crystal (Uncontrollable Body Tremors) QL x 7


This is a translation from the german AOWiki. Credits go to the original poster Tahca and to Dakatarius for the description of how to repair crystals.