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ModSkill nameComments
NumberBody DevelopmentComment.
NumberNano PoolComment.


ModSkill nameComments
IP multiplierMartial ArtsComment.
IP xBrawlingComment.
IP xDimachComment.
IP xRiposteComment.
IP xAdventuringComment.
IP xSwimmingComment.


No self-respecting nano-technician will ever be found with a weapon in hand. All weapon skills come hard to the nanotech, and by level 25, there is nothing you can carry that will match the power of your nuke programs. In the very early stages of your career, it may be useful to supplement nukes with the "newbie" weapons, but these have no skill requirements. Do not develop ANY melee weapon skills.

ModSkill nameComments
IP multiplier1h Blunt Comments.
IP x1h Edged Comment
IP xPiercingComment.
IP x 2h Blunt Comment.
IP x2h EdgedComment.
IP x Melee Energy Comment.
IP x Parry Comment.
IP x Sneak Attack Comment
IP x Multiple Melee Comment
IP x Fast Attack Comment

Misc. Weapons[]

Nano-technicians STILL don't use weapons, even bizarre ones like these. Ignore all of these skills.

ModSkill nameComments
IP modifierSharp ObjComment
IP modGrenadeComment
IP modHeavy WeaponsComment


No, really. NO WEAPONS! No! No! Bad nano-technician! No gun! Nuke!

Actually, there is one exception to this. There are several "buffing pistols" out there that will increase useful skills like Intelligence and computer literacy. Common examples include the "O.E.T. Co." line or the "Galahad Inc T70" series. It may be worth developing some skill with pistols so that you can use these.

ModSkill nameComments
IP Mod Bow Comment
IP Mod Pistol Comment
IP Mod Assault Rifle Comment
IP mod Machine Gun/Submachine Gun Comment
IP Mod Shotgun Comment
IP Mod Rifle Comment
IP Mod Ranged Energy Comment
IP Mod Flingshot Comment
IP mod Aimed Shot Comment
IP mod Burst Comment
IP Mod Full Auto Comment
IP Mod Bow Special Attack Comment
IP Mod Multiple Ranged Comment


ModSkill nameComments
IP modifier Melee Initiative You don't use melee weapons, so you don't need to be fast with them. Ignore.
IP modifier Ranged Initiative You don't use guns either. Ignore.
IP mod Physical Initiative And NO, you don't beat people up with your FISTS! Ignore.
IP mod Nano Initiative Ooooh! Now, THIS, you max. Get this high enough, and it'll only take you an instant to zap your opponents. You'll still have to wait for your nano to recharge, but you can run away while you're doing that part.
IP Modifier Dodge Ranged Useful. Increase it at least a little, or enemies will hit you with criticals ALL THE TIME.
IP Modifier Evade Close Combat Same as Dodge Ranged. You might say, "I'm never going to let anybody get close to me anyway, so I don't need this skill." You would be wrong.
IP Modifier Duck Explosions Same as Dodge Ranged again. You can get by without much of this, while you're on Rubi-Ka, but in the Shadowlands LOTS of critters fire off "explosion" type attacks.
IP Modifier Nano Resist An utter necessity for PvP, or for going into the Shadowlands.
IP Modifier Run Speed Max this. One of a nano-technician's primary tactics is to nuke and run away. This is the "run away" part.

Trade and Repair[]

ModSkill nameComments
IP multiplier Mechanical Engineering Comments
IP Electrical Engineering Comments
IP multiplier Quantum FT Comments
IP modifier Weapon Smithing Comments
IP mod Comments
IP Mod Nano Programming Comments
IP Mod Computer Literacy Comments
IP mod Psychology Comments
IP Mod Chemistry Comments
IP mod Tutoring Raise this to 1000 if you are a tradeskiller, basically this skill is solely for the use of Tutoring Devices. 1000 skill allows you the use of QL 200 Tutoring Devices. There is no bonus for having more than the required skill.

Nano and Aiding[]

ModSkill nameComments
IP Modifier Matter Metamorphosis This skill is used by the crucial "Notum Harvester" line of nanos, as well as nano cost reducers and range increasers. Max this skill.
IP Modifier Biological Metamorphosis This skill is used only by the Enfraam's Fortifications, absorb shields, and intelligence/psychic buffs. Nice, but not crucial.
IP Modifier Psychological Modification Used by the int/psychic buffs, nano cost reducers, calms, blinds, and a small number of nukes. Useful.
IP mod Matter Creation This Skill Is Essential For Casting Nukes and doing nano damage. Max this. Use implants to boost it. Get skill buffs from friendly meta-physicists to increase it. Find any items you can that enhance it, and use them. This skill is your life.
IP Mod Time and Space This skill is needed for notum harvester nanos, AND for nano-recharge kits. Max this, or you WILL run out of nano before the bad guys run out of health.
IP Mod Sensory Improvement Used by blinds, calms, and nano reducers. Useful.
IP Mod First Aid Everybody needs First Aid, unless you've got a doctor on a leash.
IP Mod TreatmentEverybody needs to maximize treatment, even if you DO have a doc on a leash. It's used to put in implants, for nano recharge kits.. oh, right, and also for sit-down health kits.


ModSkill nameComments
IP Modifier Concealment Comments
IP mod Breaking and Entering Comments
IP Mod Trap Disarmament Comments
IP Mod Perception Comments


ModSkill nameComments
IP Modifier Vehicle Air Comments
IP Mod Vehicle Ground Comments
IP Mod Vehicle Water Comments
IP Mod Map Navigation Comments. This skill can not be reset.