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Nascence overview Upper Nascence

Nascence is vibrant and filled with life, yet exotic, as Mother Nature seems as fond of doing experiments in this dimension as she always was in the old one. Most of the creatures that live there do not care about right or wrong, but only for living their lives, feeding on whatever is around. Nascence is a fertile place, and wherever things can grow there, they do. Vegetation springs out of every crevice, and creatures wade through ponds or roam the Nascence forests.

The research scientists on Rubi-Ka who "drilled" the hole from the old world into the Shadowlands came out in Upper Nascence, the safest place in the Shadowlands. They are just beginning to explore this new and exciting world, and offer anyone who wants to partake in the Shadowlands experiment to start life in Upper Nascence. New characters can therefore choose to start life there as a part of the scientists' experiments, and under the protection of their guards.

Having trained their basic skills, characters can go back through the dimensional hole to Rubi-Ka, or sneak through an exit leading further into the shadow dimension; into Lower Nascence.

Lower Nascence

The vegetation and general atmosphere in Lower Nascence are comparable to those of Upper Nascence; lush, verdant fields, exotic trees, and anything that can grow sprout their roots wherever they can cling on.

No one from Rubi-Ka has any control over what goes on in Lower Nascence as the scientists and their guards have yet to enter and explore these lands.

In Lower Nascence there are villages inhabited by strange creatures that make up a degenerated ultra-high technology society. They each support some mysterious leaders called Redeemed and the Unredeemed who seem to be nowhere around, yet have their fingers everywhere meddling in all that goes on. These invisible puppet-masters support the Clan and Omni-Tek factions respectively, so there is a relatively safe haven for everyone in the Shadowlands playfields, although getting there can be risky. These societies are at war with each other, and a delicate balance reigns between the two.

Nascence overview 2

Exploring the alien lands, players will discover notum veins, rich and powerful, penetrating the fragile earth from beneath, bleeding their valuable essence into the atmosphere. They are found throughout Nascence and can be mined like their lesser counterparts on Rubi-Ka, but the veins in the Shadowlands are more powerful and, most importantly, they can be used strategically. Wars to control the veins must be fought to weaken the opposing side, or strengthen your own and the more strategy, the greater the power.

In Lower Nascence players will come across the mysterious Guardians of Shadow for the first time. Who the Guardians are - and what they stand for - is what players must discover. They are on a completely new faction, and their purpose and nature is shrouded in mystery. So much so, that some characters in the world follow the Guardians, and toil for them, without knowing it. Everyone in the Shadowlands is at their whim, as the Guardians will help the people they think highly of and block the ones they think less of. Unravelling this mystery will begin in Nascence, and continue through the Shadowlands. Who the Guardians are, and what their purpose is, will be a major challenge for anyone vying to master the Shadowlands.

There are also hidden sanctuaries and special locations to be found through major quests of previously unparalleled immersion and unique importance, and getting to some places will require both smarts and cunning.

Runar Thor Thorarinsson
Story & Game Designer