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The City of Newland

Newland is a Neutral aligned city that lies on the southern edge of the Newland Desert in the northern area of the Terraformed zone of Rubi-Ka.


Records of Newland City before the formation of the Tir Accord are scarce, so it is in question as to who actually built Newland City. With this location at the edge of the Terraformed Zone towards the deserts, there is a strong chance that it is an Omni-Tek Mining town that simply grew beyond its smaller size. This is marginally supported by the appearance of some of the buildings and its similarities to the 'sandblasted' look some Omni-Tek mining settlements have. The architecture of the city does not reflect the majority found in Omni-Tek installations though, and in fact more resembles that of Tir to the west, thus giving rise to the idea that it might have been a Clan settlement.

In 29470, as part of the Tir Accord, Newland City was to be vacated by Clan and Omni-Tek forces after a period of 60 days after which Newland would be given Neutral Status.

Seven years later in 29477, a group of Neutral citizens raised money to pay a group of Omni-Tek Mercenaries led by Loren Warr, the twin to Ian Warr, to defend the city. This action was a response to the Sentinel take over of Tir the year before. While the agreement seemed amiable at the time, when the Mercenaries made their way into the city they killed all Clan members in sight and continued to do so for the duration of their post there. There was discussion as to the nature of the clan killings in Newland City: on one hand, it was rumored that it was part of the deal made with the Mercenaries as retaliation for the Sentinel's actions towards Neutrals in Tir; on the other hand, it has been said that Loren Warr's own Omni-Tek affiliations prompted this response.

After several attacks by the Dust Brigade that implicated a connection to Loren Warr, Neutral leaders began looking for a way to oust the mercenary group from the city. The response to this was the formation of a coalition called the 'Neutral Guard Initiative,' initiated by one representative each from the Clan, Neutrals, and Omni-Tek - Kzak, Pyromanche and Kithrak, respectively. This coalition raised over 145 million credits to fund and train a new militia force for Newland. This money was later stolen when the account holding it was hacked, but in a gesture of good will, Philip Ross appeared at a Newland Council meeting and made a donation of his own funds to help fund the new guards.

The Newland City Council then enlisted the help of JAME in 29478 for outfiting and training the Newland militia force. This was met with several setbacks at every turn, with even members of the council being assisinated mysteriously. The mercenary threat finally came to an end in that year when the new Militia, under command of General Hekkat, was given its first task to run the mercenaries out of town. This was aided by a large showing of Clan members and substantial numbers of Omni-Tek employees.

In the 29479, the tenure of the Newland City Council came up for elections and for the first time the whole of the neutral public was able to cast their vote for a new mayor of Newland City. Out of all the canidates, Zephrem "Toog" King emerged as the favored canidate and took his place as Mayor of Newland City. The rest of the council was later put to public elections.

Present Day[]


Night in Newland

With the invasion of Borealis, many people have moved back to Newland seeking a more peaceful atmosphere than the war-torn streets of their former home.

The Newland City Council[]

The Newland City Council (NLCC) is a form of player government for Newland City that is composed of volunteer players who act primarily as advisors to the Mayor, but also act in their own capacity to promote the interests of Newland.

Despite popular thought, the NLCC is not a government that is meant to hold sway over all Neutrals, only the City of Newland.

Position Rubi-Ka Server
Minister of Trade Leileena
Minister of Foreign Affairs Falikos
Minister of Defense Accellerator
Minister of Science Towerblock


  • Basic, Advanced, and Superior shop services can be found at (295,330) in the city. Like many Neutral Cities though, newland does not have the infrastructure to sell Superior nano crystals. Both of these stores are marked with the 'General' sign.
  • There is a special commerce shop in Newland that sells furnature, vehicles, and offers a Trader Shop. This shop is a bit hard to find and is located at (290, 316) near the other shops marked by a sign that says 'Supplies'
  • Newland has recently been graced by the pressence of the famed fashion designer Miiir in the form of a Miiir Fashion shop. This shop is located at (300,300) and has the surprising advantage of selling and buying at Omni-Tek prices, so many neutrals flock to this shop to sell their loot at higher then normal prices.
  • There are a pair of Global Market Search (GMS) terminals at (275, 295) near the city gates where players with the Alien Invasion Expansion may search player shops all over Rubi-Ka
  • Newland has its own group of Whompah stations at (390,315) that go to the ICC, Borealis, and the Newland Desert.
  • The Newland City Grid is located outside of the city.

Sights to See[]

  • Newland City is home to the famous Neuters 'R' Us bar and dance club which can be found at (450,340) near the Bronto Burger Stand.
  • There is a Subway entrance that can be found at (405,350), as in Borealis. Unlike Borealis though, this subway does not contain vagabonds, muggers, and mutant monsters. It is simply a mission entrance for some parts of the now defunct Omni-Trans subway network.
  • In the interest of keeping the citizens of Newland safe, the Newland City Council operates the prison that can be found on a hill at (400,365). Like many prisons, this one won't let anybody in who doesn't need to go in, and it lets even fewer out.
  • The main road going through the center of Newland City is called Adam Roycraft Ave. This name is slightly mysterious because there are no references in game to this person, and they do not seem to be on the AO team. Some people have latched on to this mystery though and spun stories about slaying cyborgs with leet dolls and beer. The Rimor server even holds an annual day of honor for Adam Roycraft.
(Adam Roycraft was the winner of the Anarchy Online beta contest in which he received
a deluxe signed copy of the game along with an Anarchy Online t-shirt).Adampr 16:08, 2 March 2008 (UTC)



The Newland Guard

  • The Newland Militia Guard can be found stationed all over the city to defend it from any criminal element that would disturb the peace. In all situation the Militia responds with deadly force!
  • The mysterious Ofoz can be found near the city gates at (260, 320) and he appears to be looking for fixers to do a job for him.
  • BRB the lonesome Invaleet can be seen at (410, 316), nearby the city's Whompahs looking for his owner. BRB is part of the Basic Armor quest.
  • Sprysi D'Lere can be observed standing under a tree near the city's Whompahs at the coordinates (410,310). Ms. D'Lere is a very busy woman and appears to be an attache to the Newland City Council. If you are low level and talk to Ms. D'Lere she will give you some errands to run, at latter levels she will ask you to help capture some criminals. If you undertake this mission she will give you an Attuned Controler Recompiler Unit.
  • For a good time go see the Good Time Party Mixer at (465, 340) near the Bronto Burger stand. He has some tasks that you can undertake to garner some Living Cyber Armor.


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