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TAG Magazine

The news media in Anarchy Online contains many events, public service announcements, editorials and other articles that keep the Rubi-Ka public informed. Current news sources can be found on the AO forums. Old news sources are archived at AO Vault.

  • The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery (TAG) was at one point was Rubi-Ka biggest independent and news source. Popular for its controversial articles on celebrities and politicians, TAG employees some of the most renowned journalists on Rubi-Ka. Founded in 29411, TAG's popularity continued to grow until 29476 when the magazine stopped publishing due to legal issues. On June 1, 29279, TAG came back promising to continue to do the writing that made it popular originally.

  • Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka

The Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka (IRRK) is probably the most widely used news service on Rubi-Ka. IRRK launched on April 3, 29477.

IRRK is the in game news service, regularly reporting on breaking news and articles found on the AO forums.

  • Omni-Tek Press Corp.

Funded by Omni-Tek, the Omni-Tek Press Corp. (OTPC) reports on events that are important to all Omni-Tek employees. Promising to "to disseminating truth, and allaying the lies spread by those opposed to Omni-Tek's orderly patronage of the planet." OTPC was launched on March 31, 29477.

  • Free Journalists of Rubi-Ka

Free Journalists of Rubi-Ka (FJRK) reports on news from the clan perspective. Launched on April 2, 29477, FJRK announced that it would be "doing their part in the struggle against the oppressive Omni-Tek regime that has inflicted immeasurable pain and suffering on the peoples of our beautiful planet."

These news sources are no longer being used

  • Voice of Freedom

Voice of Freedom was a major clan news service that was poular for its many editorials along with its news reports. Head of the Voice of Freedom was the popular editor-and-chief James "Tucker" Adams who operated the channel in Omni-1. On Feburary 11, 29476 the Voice of Freedom was raided by Omni-Pol and shut down. On Feburary 26, having escaped, Tucker begins operating the Voice of Freedom at a undisclosed location.

  • UniClanCast

UniClanCast was a more neutral clan news service.

  • Rubi-Ka Times

Rubi-Ka Times was the most popular Omni-Tek news service providing reports on many different aspects of Rubi-Kan life.

  • Omni-Tek Grid Feed

Omni-Tek Grid Feed reported mostly on only major events.

  • Rubi-Ka Headline Services

Rubi-Ka Headline Services was a neutral service that reported the most important news events effecting Rubi-Ka.