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Old Athen is one of the main Clans cities in Rubi-Ka.

It was completed in 28850 under the name Omni-2 due to severe overpopulation in Omni-1. In 28860 Omni-2 was partly destroyed and flooded due to the malfunctioning weather control system. Repairs began immediately.

October 12 29209 during the first Rubi-Ka'n civil war Omni-2 is taken over by clan forces and renamed to Athen, after one of the clans leaders who died in the attack.

Today Athen is a very popular (read overcrowded) Clan city, government and security is provided by the Vanguard.

City is known to have 3 basic supplies, 3 advanced, 2 superior, 2 luxury, a finest edition shop, towers shop, large clothes shop lead by Miiir clan, three snacks bars (including Mongol Meat), and several other private traders.

Old Athen is also the only Clan city with Prison.

In 29479 the whole city was completely overhauled thanks to large investments of the Vanguards.

Has whom-pah to Tir, Wailing Wastes and Bliss, small separate whom-pah to Jobe as well as a Grid access point.

Vanguards building

Vanguards building is one of the most characteristic facilities of the city. Next to it the Grid access point is located.