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Appearance and Features Edit

File:203445.png File:206976.png
File:203530.png File:203448.png File:203530.png
ProjectileAC: 5450
MeleeAC: 5450
EnergyAC: 5450
FireAC: 5450
ColdAC: 4090
RadiationAC: 5450
ChemicalAC: 5150
PoisonAC: 5450
Agility: 9
Intelligence: 8
Sense: 10
Psychic: 8
MaxHealth: 970
MaxNanoEnergy: 250
MaxNCU: 68
Bio.Metamorphosis: 10
Treatment: 8
RangedInit.: 39
MeleeInit.: 39
NanoC.Init: 25
EvadeClsC: 16
NanoResist: 25
RunSpeed: 85
2hBlunt: 14
2hEdged: 14
MeleeEnergy: 8
Parry: 8
SneakAttack: 10
FastAttack: 10
Brawl: 8
Dimach: 8
Bow: 8
AssaultRifle: 22
Shotgun: 10
Rifle: 8
RangedEnergy: 14
FlingShot: 9
AimedShot: 8
Burst: 10
FullAuto: 12
ElectricalEngineering: 8
ComputerLiteracy: 8
Psychology: 25
Perception: 16
MapNavigation: 38

Wert im Vergleich zur Carbonum Armor

Where you get this Armor? Edit

Omni-Armed Forces Armor is for Omni only and is given as a reword from the Supply Master Smug Quests

Quest NPCLocationArmor Part
General Kaehler Jr.Secondary OTAF Base, Avalon (780x1630)Body
Supplymaster EelSecondary OTAF Base, Avalon (820x1660)Everything else
Omni NPCLocationSpawn Time
High Commander FredericksonSentinel Base, Wailing Wastes (2605x3645)~3h
Supplymaster SmugSentinel Base, Wailing Wastes (2885x3555)~3h
Field Commander, diverseSentinel Base, Wailing Wastes (2705x3510)20min

RewardLootvon wemQuest NPC
File:203445::20px.png HelmetFile:203737::20px.png Little brown bookSmugEel
File:203447::20px.png BodyFile:203276::20px.png Silver PlatterSmugKaehler
File:203275::20px.png Head of High Commander FredericksonFredericksonKaehler
File:205828::20px.png PantsFile:203454::20px.png DNA-Locked Superior Sentinel PantsFredricksson oder SmugEel
File:205831::20px.png BootsFile:203452::20px.png DNA-Locked Superior Sentinel BootsFredricksson oder SmugEel
File:205829::20px.png SleevesFile:203450::20px.png DNA-Locked Superior Sentinel SleevesField CommanderEel
File:205830::20px.png GlovesFile:203455::20px.png DNA-Locked Superior Sentinel GlovesField CommanderEel
File:206976::20px.png Tank ArmorFile:203445::20px.png Omni-Armed Forces HelmetSmugEel
File:205830::20px.png Omni-Armed Forces GlovesField CommanderEel
File:205829::20px.png Omni-Armed Forces SleevesField CommanderEel
File:160389::20px.png Albrecht Heavy Tank ArmorBossLootEel

Pro 'n' Con Edit


- Omni Only
- Only in QL200

Comments Edit

Translated by --JungleGeorge 14 March 2007

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