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Appeareance and Features[]

File:206975.png File:206973.png File:206975.png
ProjectileAC: 4250
MeleeAC: 4250
EnergyAC: 4250
FireAC: 4250
ColdAC: 3365
RadiationAC: 4250
ChemicalAC: 3965
PoisonAC: 4250
Agility: 9
Intelligence: 8
Sense: 10
Psychic: 8
MaxHealth: 600
MaxNanoEnergy: 600
MaxNCU: 68
Bio.Metamorphosis: 10
Treatment: 92
FirstAid: 92
NanoC.Init: 40
RunSpeed: 60
Pharmaceuticals: 20

Values compared to Carbonum Armor

Where you get this Armor?[]

Exchange your Omni-Armed Forces Armor with Dr. Henrik the Stevenson in the OTAF Supply cousin in Avalon. Remember to have all armor pieces and corresponding Discs.

Dr. Henrik Stevenson: What?
You: Tell me about yourself.
Dr. Henrik Stevenson: I am Dr. Stevenson, the Chief Medical Officer with the Omni-Tek forces in Avalon.
You: Have you been here long?
Dr. Henrik Stevenson: I started out as a scientist in the Omni-Med labs in Omni-1.

That wasn't for me, and during the third Rubi-Kan civil 61 I believe it started, I was drafted for some medical work in the field. Due to my excellence, yes excellence, in saving lives, I gained a reputation good enough to open my own private practice in Omni-1. I made a lot of money there, and plenty of connections. That's how I got this position.

You: Any chance you can hook me up with some equipment?
Dr. Henrik Stevenson: Might be able to, depends on what you have to persuade me with...
You: I can bring you anything you need.
Dr. Henrik Stevenson: You can, can you?

Then bring me Omni-Armed Forces armor parts... I need them for research purposes. Perhaps you already have some armor pieces to trade-in? Speaking of research... Let's see if you can find some rare instruction disks, as well. Remember, if I don't have the discs I won't be able to give you anything in return.

You: I have the Omni-Armed Forces ... .
Dr. Henrik Stevenson: Good, good.

I've heard some rumours regarding another instruction disc called "...". Can't find it anywhere though...

Dr. Henrik Stevenson: Excellent!

I brought a couple of Omni-Med Battlesuit pieces with me as I left Omni-1. Here you go...

Quest NPC Reward Armor Disc
Unique Dr Henrik Stevenson


File:206970::33px.png Helmet File:203445::33px.png Helmet File:204526::33px.png Vaccine of Divestiture
File:206972::33px.png Body File:203447::33px.png Body File:147082::33px.png Alpha and Omega
File:206975::33px.png Sleeve File:203530::33px.png Sleeve File:147188::33px.png Life Channeler
File:206973::33px.png Gloves File:203448::33px.png Gloves File:147236::33px.png Sentient Nano Gorger
File:206974::33px.png Pants File:203449::33px.png Pants File:147268::33px.png Uncontrollable Body Tremors
File:206971::33px.png Boots File:203446::33px.png Boots File:147271::33px.png Wrack and Ruin
Omni-Med Battle Armor does not have Back item

Pro 'n' Con[]




Only in QL200

Omni Doc-only Armor is [NoDrop] [Special]

Additonal Source: Arcanum - Omni-med Armor

Translated by --JungleGeorge 22 March 2007