Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

The mysterious "Division Six" or "Directorate Six" within Omni-Pol has long since been in the shadows... but is now making a fearsome stance on the planet of Rubi-Ka.

Little is known of this group save that they are hand-picked by Philip Ross and serve as his personal troupe of enforcers. Most recently they have been found causing varying amounts of havock within the Clan territories, from the attempted assassination of a defecting doctor, to threating the life of a young girl.

Apparently this ruthless force will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, and have no qualms eliminating those that stand in their way. Having butted heads with Tarkhan Zora, however, the group finds themselves in quite the predicament, all having been busted down to the rank of private and their very division in jeopardy. Relegated to the lowest tasks available to Omni-Pol (and quite obviously unhappy about it), what does this mean for the future of Rubi-Ka's best operatives?

Confirmed members of Omni-Pol D6 are "Kochren" Cord, Dr. "Infex" Evans, "Zypherr" Nightfal, Jack "Iviin", Sho-sa "Vidyaraja", and "Therif" Ukumi. Other members of this group have been spotted, though not identified.