Logopreview ao omni logo Omni-Tek is the largest hyper-corporation in the universe and controls vast interests and planets in a variety of star systems.
Omni-Tek has the lease on Rubi-Ka and originally operated all the Notum mines on Rubi-Ka until the miners began to rebel because of disputes over working conditions in the Notum mines. It was about this time that the Clans began to form and countless Rubi-Ka Civil Wars began. Today Omni-Tek is in control of the southern part of Rubi-Ka.

Omni-Tek is a hyper-corporation, with affiliations all over the galaxy. It has a large presence on Rubi-Ka to mine for the rare mineral MTG-411-6, commonly known as Notum. Omni-Tek strives for profit and will let nothing stand in its way of progress. In the Omni-Tek family, you gain material benefits and power - but there are strict rules and regulations that all Omni-Tek employees must abide by. The primary goal for Omni-Tek is material gain.

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