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After Newbie Island[]

After you come over from Newbie Island (ICC Shuttleport) you will land in Galaway Shire just east of Rome Blue. You will be standing next to a couple of NPC's. Strike up a converstation with Sydney Finn, after some pleasentries....

Sydney Finn: Great! Now, maybe you could do me a small favor?
You: Sure I can!
Sydney Finn: You see, I need to deliver this recipe to the Bronto Burger, and
I can't do it myself since I'm waiting for someone to meet me here.  
It's not far away, just down the road eastwards.
You: No problem, I'll do it!
Sydney Finn: That's very kind of you.  Please take this bronto sausage recipe
and deliver it to the OT Bronto Chef. Just run down the road heading east, and
you'll see the Bronto Burger Stall.

she will ask you to take a Bronto Sausage Recipe to the Bronto Burger stand down the road. Head East down the road to the Bronto Burger stand.

After delivering the Sausage Recipe the Bronto chef will give you a Belt Component Platform Ti-200X, if you offer to help her she will ask you to gather five Chirop Eggs. You can find them not far from the stand. Once you gather all the eggs, bring them back to the Burger chef and she will give you some memory to go along with the belt.

She will ask for you to deliver a burger to Mr. Blake outside the Omni Blue basic store.