Both Omni and Clan personel have a series of three quests that result in progressively better shoulderpads. Neutrals don't have their own but may use either (or both) of these pads. The two mission series have different contact NPCs but are otherwise identical.

The PadsEdit

158000 Pads of Interest 158087 Clan Shoulderpads for the Suspicious
Pads of Interest Clan Shoulderpads for the Suspicious
Pads of Will Clan Shoulderpads for the Learned
Pads of Dedication Clan Shoulderpads for the Veracious

The NPCsEdit

Omni Clan
Name Alvin Odeleder Dodga Demercel
Location Lush Fields (1540, 2500) Aegean (600, 1100)

The First MissionEdit

While the time granted to complete the mission is ample (30 days) the players can just as easily gather the required items before accepting it and save themself one roundtrip. When you go to accept the mission it requires a rather long dialoge with some possible pitfalls. The best course of action is to chose the most positive and eager answer possible. Eventually the mission is issued and directs the player to gather 8 specifc items for robotic mobs:

155686 Ancient Looking Lamp Relay Ancient Looking Lamp Relay 155684 Liquid Based Conductors Liquid Based Conductors
155683 Bundle of Nano-Tubes Bundle of Nano-Tubes 155666 Microscopic Pulsating Nano Crystals Microscopic Pulsating Nano Crystals
155687 Highly Plastic Mother-Circuit Array Highly Plastic Mother-Circuit Array 155664 Scrap of Notum Scrap of Notum
155685 Large and partly fused lump of strange tetrahedral CPU bundles Large and partly fused lump of strange tetrahedral CPU bundles 155665 Suspicious Looking Parts of Biotechnology Suspicious Looking Parts of Biotechnology

Unfortunately this is very time consuming. The drop rates are very low and they are all NODROP UNIQUE. To handle the sheer amount of mobs that need to killed it is recommended that you be at least level 25. There are five known areas with mobs that drop these items:

Once collected the eight items need to be combined and the result delivered to the NPC. As a reward the player receives the first shoulderpad and a disc which will be required to start the second mission.

The Second MissionEdit

The Third MissionEdit

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