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General Information[]

Talksunasked loc
  • Start NPC:
  One Who Asks The Unasked
  • Coordinates:


Inferno - 1190 x 760, Yutto Village, Valley of the dead.
  • Level Range:
  • Time:
  ~20 Minutes
  • Quest Type:
  Return Item Quest
  • Reward:
  Credits and XP/SK

One Who Asks The Unasked: needs a personal favor while he studies the File:262539::35px.png Essence OF Perception from your previous mission, Joining the hunt.

The Conversation:
One Who Asks The Unasked: This is very interesting. I believe this might be something the Jobe researchers still haven't found.

At least I haven't seen these patterns in any of their essences. I will need to spend some time on this. Uhm - in the meantime maybe you could do me a small personal favor? I'll pay you of course!

You: What do you need?
One Who Asks The Unasked: I would like you to find me a snake eye. Just rip it out of any Ashen Viper and bring it back to me in one piece!
You: Goodbye

Mission: Snake Eyes[]
  • Description:
Snake Eyes

One Who Asks The Unasked wanted to get an Ashen Viper Eye. He has even promised you some cash if you help him with this!

Mission Details[]


One Who Asks the Unasked needs you to hunt down a snake eye- Ashen Vipers can be found in the area west of Sorrow, close to the brink around 860 x 1470. Kill them until you loot an File:262311::35px.png Ashen Viper Eye and return it to One Who Asks the Unasked for your reward.

Viper loc


For your trouble, you receive:

  • Credits: 1.000.000
  • Shadowknowledge: (3% of the total SK required to achieve the next level)
    • Level 214 will recieve 30814 SK
    • Level 215 will recieve 36977 SK
    • Level 216 will recieve 44372 SK
    • Level 217 will recieve 53247 SK
    • Level 218 will recieve 63896 SK
    • Level 219 will recieve 76675 SK

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