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General Information Edit

Talksunasked loc
  • Start NPC:
  One Who Asks The Unasked
  • Coordinates:


Inferno - 1190 x 760, Yutto Village, Valley of the dead.
  • Level Range:
  • Time:
  ~20 Minutes
  • Quest Type:
  Return Item Quest
  • Reward:
  Credits and XP/SK

One Who Asks The Unasked: needs a personal favor while he studies the File:262539::35px.png Essence OF Perception from your previous mission, Joining the hunt.

The Conversation:
One Who Asks The Unasked: This is very interesting. I believe this might be something the Jobe researchers still haven't found.

At least I haven't seen these patterns in any of their essences. I will need to spend some time on this. Uhm - in the meantime maybe you could do me a small personal favor? I'll pay you of course!

You: What do you need?
One Who Asks The Unasked: I would like you to find me a snake eye. Just rip it out of any Ashen Viper and bring it back to me in one piece!
You: Goodbye

Mission: Snake Eyes Edit
  • Description:
Snake Eyes

One Who Asks The Unasked wanted to get an Ashen Viper Eye. He has even promised you some cash if you help him with this!

Mission Details Edit


One Who Asks the Unasked needs you to hunt down a snake eye- Ashen Vipers can be found in the area west of Sorrow, close to the brink around 860 x 1470. Kill them until you loot an File:262311::35px.png Ashen Viper Eye and return it to One Who Asks the Unasked for your reward.

Viper loc

Reward Edit

For your trouble, you receive:

  • Credits: 1.000.000
  • Shadowknowledge: (3% of the total SK required to achieve the next level)
    • Level 214 will recieve 30814 SK
    • Level 215 will recieve 36977 SK
    • Level 216 will recieve 44372 SK
    • Level 217 will recieve 53247 SK
    • Level 218 will recieve 63896 SK
    • Level 219 will recieve 76675 SK

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