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Soul Feeding[]

In battle, the hiathlins of the old used very powerful artifacts to aid them. Few of these artifacts are left today, but it is said that the Hiathlin Lookout has access to one, the Hiathlin Soulcatcher. The One Who Has Taken Vow Of Truth wants you to retrieve it for him. Because it is unlikely that the Hiathlin Lookout would wield the the weapon against you unless a lot of them has died in battle, you will have to do a lot of killing before you take down the Hiathlin Lookout. We have written a guide for you to follow that we believe will ensure a successful outcome of the battle.

  • Kill 10 Cagey Hoathlans
  • Kill 10 Fissuer Hiathlins
  • Kill 5 Malah-Behns
  • Kill 3 Hoathlans
  • Kill 3 Brisk Hoathlans
  • Kill 2 Malah-Anas
  • Kill 1 Malah
  • Kill 1 Malah-Dren
  • Kill the Hiathlin Lookout.

Final reward: Wrath of Zeus and 1 000 000 credits.