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General Information[]

One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme
Location of OWWHTRhyme
  • Start NPC:
  One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme
  • Coordinates:


Inferno - 905 x 180 // Valley of the dead (northeast of the vale behind Penumbra Portal)
  • For Level:
  • Time:
  ~20 Minutes
  • Quest Type:
  Kill Quest
  • Reward:
  Credits and XP

This is a continuation of the Spirit Hunt mission- After completing that mission first, speak with One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme (905 x 180) (see map):

The Conversation:
One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme: Though this land is of the unwelcoming kind
We hope that good times you also can find
That you have come this far, we're pleased to see
And maybe of help to us you can be

In the Yutto Marshes some friends of mine live
They asked for a favor I would like to give
In Burning Marshes the Somphos Logee
Are holders of nuclei we'd like to see
You: I'll help you!
One Who Asks The Unasked: Go down to the Marshes, and kill some of them
No need to feel guilty, you won't hurt a friend
Search their dead bodies, save the nuclei you find
And bring it back to one of the questioning kind
You: Goodbye

Mission: Search for nuclei[]

Kill mission icon
  • Description:
Search for nuclei

One Whose Words Happen To Rhyme told you to find nuclei from the Somphos, and bring them to someone that was referred to be of the questioning kind.

Kill 5 Somphos Argef
Kill 5 Somphos Argeele
Kill Somphos Sorlivet
Deliver nuclei to Yuttos

Mission Details[]

Somphos loc

The three types of mobs you have to kill spawn in the Misty Marshes area of Inferno around 1775 x 905 (see map on left). They need to be killed in order- five Somphos Argef, then five Somphos Argeele, then finally the Somphos Sorlivet (the Somphos Sorlivet has a 15 minute spawn time). As you kill the mobs, the following will appear in your inventory (make sure you have room):

Once you have the three nuclei in your inventory, Find to One Who Asks The Unasked in the Yutto Village (1180 x 760) (it's Northeast of the base of the ramp to Misty Marshes- see map on right). Speak with him and give him the nuclei.

Yutto loc2
The Conversation:
One Who Asks The Unasked: Greetings!
You: One Whose Words Happen To Rhyme told me to find nuclei from the Somphos for you.
One Who Asks The Unasked: Yes, did you manage to get hold of them?
You: I got them right here, I hope they are what you asked for!
One Who Asks The Unasked: That we shall soon find out!
Give him the Nucleus of Somphos Argef, Nucleus of Somphos Argeele, and Nucleus of Somphos Sorlivet.

... and the mission is complete.


For your trouble, you receive:

  • Credits: 1.000.000
  • Shadowknowledge: (3% of the total SK required to achieve the next level)
    • Level 214 will recieve 30814 SK
    • Level 215 will recieve 36977 SK
    • Level 216 will recieve 44372 SK
    • Level 217 will recieve 53247 SK
    • Level 218 will recieve 63896 SK
    • Level 219 will recieve 76675 SK


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