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General Information[]

Rhyme location
  • Start NPC:
  One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme
  • Coordinates:


Inferno - 905 x 180 // Valley of the dead, near the Portal to Penumbra.
  • For Level:
  • Time:
  ~20 Minutes
  • Quest Type:
  Kill Quest
  • Reward:
  Credits, XP and A Never-ending Being of Light

Just past the portal to Penumbra, through the arched doorway (905 x 180) you will find two Yuttos; One Who Learns the Past (see Exterminate the Zealots) and One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme. Right click him and have a chat.

The Conversation:
One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme: Though this land is of the unwelcoming kind

We hope that good times you also can find
That you have come this far, we're pleased to see
And maybe of help to us you can be

It was here your great ancestors were slain
After the fall, only some would remain
They live on as souls trapped in eternity
Forced by the ancient entity

You: How can I help you?
One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme: South there are ruins where spirits are found

Some say to the place they are forever bound
Attempts of communication with them have all failed
As if the Source the souls has prevailed

And so friend this is why I ask out of you
For you to help us add up two and two
Go down to the ruins, and see if you find
The answers we're seeking regarding their kind

You: I'll help you.
One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme: Warning then as I bid Thee good night

To know that the spirits might put up a fight
Thus as to reward you, a small gift from me
Something that may help your weak eyes to see

You: Goodbye

Mission: Spirit Hunt[]
  • Description:
Spirit Hunt

One Whose Words Happen To Rhyme talked about some ruins further south. He asked you to go there to see if you could get information regarding the spirits that dwell there. He has earlier tried to get this information in a peaceful manner, but has so far had no success. He believes they might not hear him, as if they are trapped souls inside a shell.

Kill 5 Contemplating Spirits
Kill 5 Unrepentant Spirits
Kill Spirit of Disruption

Return to One Whose Words Happen To Rhyme

Mission Details[]

Spirit loc

One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme would like to find out some information about the Spirits in the area, but warns you that they'll probably attack you on sight... First kill five Contemplating Spirits, then five Unrepentant Spirits, then the last spirit, the Spirit of Disruption. All of these spirits spawn around 1015 x 145, just a bit East of One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme. The Spirit of Disruption is a boss-type mob and has a 15 minute spawn timer. Once you've finished the Spirit of Disruption, return to One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme for your reward.

Once complete you can start the next quest, the Search for nuclei


For finishing your task:

  • Credits: 1.000.000
  • Shadowknowledge: (3% of the total SK required to achieve the next level)
    • Level 214 will recieve 30814 SK
    • Level 215 will recieve 36977 SK
    • Level 216 will recieve 44372 SK
    • Level 217 will recieve 53247 SK
    • Level 218 will recieve 63896 SK
    • Level 219 will recieve 76675 SK
  • Item: File:262604::35px.png A Never-ending Being of Light


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