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In order to obtain the Organization advantages you need to know where to find your Notum Wars store, or the "Tower Store". For Omni-Tek employees you can find this in Rome Blue near the east central side of the map. For clans, the store is located near the whompa in the city of Old Athens - and of course, the neutrals have their own store as well, located in Borealis at the east side of town. You cant miss the stores - the huge sign saying "Towers" is a dead give-away on the location of it. If you are uncertain on how to locate it, ask some friendly citizen directions and we are sure they will be glad to direct you to your nearest store.

You might want to look at the Basic Towers Guide in order to balance up your guilds base with the organization advantages since you will not only get advantages through your organization but from your personal towers as well.

The basic concept behind the organizational advantages might seem a bit daunting at first, but its not really that bad when you get down to the cold hard facts. Also beer helps. A lot. With that in mind, we are going to look at the organizational advantages a bit and explain how the rules behind them are and how they function.

First to explain how Guild-advantages work. All guild-advantages gives bonuses to two separate skills or abilities. For instance, the advantage "Medical Expertise" gives a bonus to both First Aid and Treatment, whereas the advantage "Logic" gives a bonus to Intelligence and Nano Init. The organization advantages will be given to all the members in the guild as opposed to the tower-buffs which are personal ones. To add an advantage to your organization (or indeed, remove one) simply use the command:

 /org contract 

Next, you will need to know how many controllers your guild has, and what quality level they are. The best way to check this if you don't know it, is to simply grid to the landcontrol area that you own and shift-click the controller to bring up its information. You will easily enough spot its quality level there. For every controller that you own, you have its QL times two in Organization Advantages QL Pool so to speak.

Lets take an example. Say you own a QL150 controller. You will then have 150*2 (300) QL of advantages to buy for your organization. If you also would own a QL50 controller, you will have a grand total of 50*2+150*2 (400) QL in your pool. It is also vital to understand that a controller can at most handle three advantages at one time, so no, you are not allowed to set up a QL200 base and get 40 different QL10 advantages.

Now that we have our pool all sorted out, we must look at the individual controllers to see what kind of advantages they can handle. Let us take a look at our would-be QL150 controller for instance. For this one we could get any of the following...

  1. A single QL300 advantage
  2. Two QL150 advantages
  3. Three QL100 advantages

So you might do well in consider what the guild needs most. Most of the time the answer is painfully obvious, since people will always be screaming for nanoskills, but it doesnt need to be that way at all. If we also had that QL10 controller, we could place out another set of advantages controlled by this one, however, at this low of a level, placing three different kinds of advantages will pose a problem, since they don't give too much of a buff really. For lower QL controllers we recommend higher QL advantages, instead of spreading points across the board.

Universal Advantages
These are the advantages that makes your organization go all gooey for your supreme leadership skills. Or, indeed, makes them pick up their hayforks and start a rebellion. Well, hopefully not as bad as that but still - you need to respect your organization while picking these.

Now to the various advantages. There are literally tons of advantages out there, and you might be wise to think about what kind of towers your guildmembers will put up for their personal benefits before/during your choice in advantages, since they might very well be the same ones. Here's an overview of what advantages give what:

Access Disarm Traps, Breaking and entering
Arcane Aim Bow, Bow special attack
Ballistics Sharp Objects, Grenade
Chemicals Pharma tech, Chemistry
Concentration Perception, Sense
Coordination Multi-ranged, Multi-melee
Energy Expertise Ranged energy weapons, Melee energy
Espionage Psychology, Concealment
Harmony Nanopool, Psychic
Heart Pump Body development, Stamina
Heavy Aim Shotgun, Assault Rifle
Heavy Arc 2H Edged weapons, 2H Blunt weapons
Heavy Balance Heavy Weapons, Full Auto
Improved Intuition Dimach, Duck Exp.
Improved Movement Swimming, Runspeed
Light Aim Pistol, MG/SMG
Light Arc 1H Edged weapons, 1H Blunt weapons
Light Balance Burst, Fling shot
Logic Nano Init, Intelligence
Mechanics Mechanical Engineering, Weaponsmithing
Medical Expertise First Aid, Treatment
Melee Expertise Melee Init, Evade Clsc
Metaphysics Matter Creation, Time&Space
Muscular Compactness Brawling, Strength
Muscular Elasticity Martial Arts, Agility
Nano Manipulation Tutoring, Nano Programming
Personae Sense Imp, Psy Mod
Physical Expertise Physical Init, Riposte
Power Electrical Engineering, Quantum Physics
Ranged Expertise Ranged weapons init, Dodge Rng
Reaction Parry, Fast attack
Specialist Aim Rifle, Aimed shot
Thrusting Piercing, Sneak attack
Transformation Biomet, Mat Metam
Transportation Vehicle Air, Vehicle Ground

Worth noting is that while you cannot have more than one advantage of the same type, for instance two Universal Advantage - Transformation, individual players may build towers that will buff the very same skills. For a QL200 tower buffing MC/TS and a QL100 advantage buffing the same the result will become a grand total of +42 which is very nice indeed.

Final word
In order not to bloat the guide too much, we decided to release the Basic Towers Guide at the same time as the organization advantages because we feel that in order for guilds to balance out both their towers and their advantages before taking a look at the specialist towers.

Last updated 22. December 2002


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