Organization cities are cities controlled by an Organization of any faction. Added with the Alien Invasion Expansion, Org Cities provide a benefit to all members of an organization that have the Alien Invasion Expansion.

Org Cities are customized by the organization that creates them. Each building adds or contains a certain benefit:

City Controller Edit

The City controller is the first freestanding item in a city. It is related to the plot of land, not the org, so it is there, even when the org isn't. When an org president "buys" a city, he right clicks on the controller to purchase the land for a great deal of money, then he has 24 hours to add an org HQ. Once the does this, the city belongs to the org, as long as they continue to pay the "rent".

City controllers are also used for starting Org City Invasions, byh lowering the cloak on your city. This can only be done by a Excutive, Veteran, Squad Commander (depending on what governing form your org is, or higher.

Organization Headquarters Edit

Org HQs come in thee varities: small, medium, and large. Each provide a different amount of benefits.

  • Small HQ
  • Medium HQ
  • Large HQ -

Market Edit

Grid House Edit

Mining Operations Center Edit

Notum Silo Edit

there is small arena with 5% suppression gas.

There is a 10 second grace period inside the Notum Silo.

Vehicle Landing Pad Edit

ECM Tower Edit

Sidewalk Cafe Edit

Sky Bar Edit

Swimming Pool Edit

Guard House Edit

Teleporters Edit

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