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Pandemonium overview


Information about the raidbots:

  • RK1:
The Beast is raided alternately for 1 week each by Omni and Clan, followed by a week of FFA.
The following Raidbots are used:
  • Hellcom - for Omni/Neutral
  • Beastnet (formerly Pande, before that Pabot) - for Clan
  • Iraid - Free for all
for Zodiacs Clan is using Zodsnet (formerly Xtbot).
  • RK2:
The Beast is raided alternately for one week by Omni and Clan.
The following Raidbots are used:
  • Beastchat - for Omni
  • Phatznet - for Clan
schedules for raidtimes are posted on forum.

  • RK3:
Pande is raided on 4 days by Clan (Mo, We, Fr, Su) and 3 days by Omni (Tu, Thu, Sa)
The following Raidbots are used:


There are 5 different sorts of mobs in Pande.

These can drop this common loot:
227911 Glyph of the Arcana
205501 Spiritech Medical Analyzer
205501 Spiritech Network Analyzer
218708 Meteorite Spikes
100313 Poison Darts of the Deceptor
100308 Capsule of Fulminating Novictum
131268 Koan Shuriken
131260 Fallen Star
131267 Heroes Discus
161141 Tear of Oedipus

Corrupted Xan-Kuir
Mob corrupted xan-kuir

Mob: Unredeemed Kuir (Spider)
Level: ~250
Behavior: Not aggressive but sozial

Properties: Rootable, nuker.
227527 Blue Glyph of Aban
227544 Blue Glyph of Enel
227581 Blue Glyph of Ocra

Corrupted Xan-Len
Mob corrupted xan-len

Mob: Redeemed Len (Pink)
Level: ~250
Behavior: Aggressiv

Properties: Can be calmed. Healer (complete heal)
227527 Blue Glyph of Aban
227544 Blue Glyph of Enel
227581 Blue Glyph of Ocra

Corrupted Hiisi Berserker
Mob corrupted hiisi berserker

Mob: Hiisi
Level: ~250
Behavior: Aggressive

Properties: ???
227527 Blue Glyph of Aban
227544 Blue Glyph of Enel
227581 Blue Glyph of Ocra

Corrupted Xan-Cur
Mob corrupted xan-cur

Mob: Unredeemed Cur (Blue)
Level: ~250
Behavior: Aggressive

Properties:Can be charmed. FullAuto kind of attack.
227527 Blue Glyph of Aban
227544 Blue Glyph of Enel
227581 Blue Glyph of Ocra

Pandemonium Geosurvey Dog

Mob: Chimera (Dog)
Level: ~250
Behavior: Not aggressiv

Properties: ???
Loot: ???


In Pandemonium there are 18 different bosses. These split into the following categories:

  • 4 portal bosses, which need to be killed to advance to the next island and have no loot.
  • 12 phatz booses, which have wave 4 different spawnplaces, West, East, Middle, North. The first 4 are shared each by 3 diffent bosses of which only one spawns at random.
  • 1 phatz medium boss, TMNH
  • 1 endboss, The Beast


The portal bosses need to be killed to advance the Pnade raids.
The guard portals between the different Islands. Once they are killed a blue portal opens for a few minutes. Rightclicking these will zone the player to the next area.

These portals are onesided. To use them correctly you need to face south.

Portal bosses respawn after 30 minutes.

The names in order of these bosses are:

  1. Zodiac
  2. Timid Spectral Scourge
  3. Senior Subjugator
  4. Pandemonium Subjugator

The phatz bosses[]

There are 4 different spawnplaces, which each can have one of 3 different bosses, resulting in 12 different bosses altogether.
The spawntime for these bosses is 6 hours and the type of boss is randomly chosen from one of the 3 possibilites.

2 of these spawnplaces (E/W) lie outside the nromal raid route to The Beast. The other 2 as well as the mdeium phatz boss are directly on it.
These mobs drop some very nice twinking items which mostly are nodrop and/or unique.

Medium phatz boss[]

The second island has a medium phatz boss.
It has quite a few of adds and need to be treated carefully. If any players are going to the north of this boss, they pull in an additional number of adds "north", which quite often results in the end of the raid force. The respawn time is 6 hours and it is normally done together with Middle and North.
It drops twinking belts and high level symbs.

Final boss[]

The final pandemonium boss is the biggest and most coveted boss in AO and has a little hole to itself. As we learned recently from ERgo in the inferno quests, it is the core of the Shadow Lands.
Thoughthe respawn time was formerly 18 hours, the 17.2 patch for LE changed the respawn time to 9 Hours
It drops a lot of very nice high level stuff. Most of it is nodrop and/or unique.

Pandemonium map[]

Spheremap pandemonium
Spheremap v1.0

This side was copied and translated from the German version.
Cirte 14:01, 3. Sep 2005 (CEST)