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Well, here we go, the bread and butter weapons of Shadowland Fixers, Agents, and Soldiers, The Perennium variant weapons. These tradeskill weapons exist from QL50 all the way up to QL200, and depending on which profession you are, are usable from the low level 20s, all the way to the first few Shadowlevels (or in the case of soldiers all the way to 220).

What You'll Need[]
  A Spirit Tech Apparatus
This is by far the hardest component to find. The three types of Spirit Tech Apparatus (or STA), Short Muzzle (used to make the fixer weapon, Beamer), Long Muzzle (agent gun, sniper), and Double Barrel(blaster, for the solider), drop from various brink boss mobs in the shadowlands.

Just a word of warning first, the STA can not be lower then 20% of the final QL of the weapon you are making, so for a QL100 weapon you need at least a QL80 STA, however it can be any amount over the QL you are making.

For QL80 to QL130 version of the STAs you can hunt the various mortiigs in Elysium, these mobs range from level 100 to 110, they hit fairly hard and fast for their level, but should be easy to solo from level 95 onwards, doable before that if you are in a team or a twink. The boss mobs are level 125, and are much harder then the normal mortiigs. All of them have a chance to drop, but the boss' drop them more commonly and of a higher QL.

For higher QL STAs you need to go deeper and deeper into the Shadowlands, for the precious QL162+ STAs, used for making the QL200 weapons, you're not going to like what I have to say. There are four basic spots to find them.

Scheol Greek Heckler bosses, found on the eastern brink of Upper Scheol. These guys are not push overs, don't expect to be soloing them before 190, and you'll need a good team of at least 140-150 if you want to attempt it. The drop-rate isn't that good either.

The Adonis Golems. These guys are even eviler then the Greek Hecklers, and are found on the eastern and western brinks of Adonis, bring friends if you are under 210 to avoid the adds from their whirling rock friends, on the plus side they can drop some other nice loot, again the drop rate is pretty horrible.

The Penumbra Mortiig Island, this is a lot easier then both of the previous two ideas, on the eastern brink of Penumbra there is a small floating island filled with some really nasty bosses and 180 Mortiigs, good XP if you go with a team as well, the drop-rate is about the same as the one in Ely. Watch out for the bosses!

And for the worse and most evil one of them all, Inferno Moriigs... The Location along should mean something. These guys are nasty, evil, and just plain mean... oh and they smell as well. Bring friends and lots of luck.
  A Sheet of Perennium
If you've ever spent more then an hour in a heckler team, you've seen this stuff, very common. Same as with the STAs, the QL of this item can not be lower then 20% of the finish product you intend to make
  Perennium Bolts
As with the sheets these are very common. Same as with the STAs and the sheets, the QL of this item can not be lower then 20% of the finish product you intend to make
  A Nano-Charged Rifle or Assault Rifle
These are not as common as the sheets or bolts, but not as hard to get your hands on as the STAs. Depending on which way you are going you'll need either a rifle (used for the Agent weapon) or an Assault Rifle (used for both the soldier and fixer weapons). They start at QL50 and end at QL200, the Nano-Charged weapon determines the final QL of the Perennium weapon.

If you are lucky you can find QL50-QL125 versions of these weapons in the weapon stores of most general/advanced/sup stores. Otherwise its time to fire up click saver and roll up one of the desired QL.
  A Hacker Tool
This nifty little toy can be found in the fixer store or the tools booth of any major store.

The Process[]

Okay this is fairly involved, so if your tame of heart its time to turn back, go blitz some missions, make some cash, and buy the finish product, however if you've got the guts and a little time you can make your own weapon.

So you've got all the bits? Good! Are the STA and Perennium Bolts and Sheets within 20% of the Nano-Charged weapon? You sure? Okay time to get started. + =
First off you need to remove the protection on the weapon, to do this, you need to use a Hacker's Tool on the Nano-Charged Weapon. This needs 7 times the QL of the weapon in B&E, so find a friendly fixer if you wanna hack that QL200 gun. + =
Time to put on the welding mask!
Okay now slap the Sheet onto the STA, this step needs 7 times the QL of the STA in Weapon Smithing and 5 times the QL in Mechanical Engineering to accomplish. + =
Almost There!
We're getting close. You need to slap the barrel onto the hacked nano-charged weapon, this needs 7 times the QL of the weapon in Weapon Smithing and 5 times the QL in Mechanical Engineering. + =
Okay final step. Slam the bolts into the half-finished weapon, and you're done! This step needs again 7 times the QL of the weapon in Weapon Smithing and 5 times the QL in Mechanical Engineering.


The exact numbers needed for the trade skills were sourced from AOVault, everything else came from in game experince.

Final Word[]

woah that was a lot of work wasn't it? But it was really worth it, these weapons will keep you killing for a good number of levels.

--Talan 06:18, 16 Aug 2005 (CEST)