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Servicetower The Personal Service Towers may just be the answer to soloing that level 250 Snake boss bearing down on you, they add damage, area heal allies and if the tower is higher level, will also boost ac, attacks and defenses to team members and allies. You can obtain the towers from your local shop - either premade ones (up to QL75) or tradeskill ones (up to QL225). As with the advanced towers, the requirements for the QL225 series are ~1290ish Mechanical Engineering, so it is possible for Froobs to make them. Thankfully enough, once a tower has been built, placing it is easier, so you might want to contact one of your crafter friends, if you can't build them yourself. Keep in mind that the Towers have level-requirements as well, so you cannot build them unless you meet their respective requirements in level as well as in skills.Apart from that, Personal Service Towers work much like pets. You can rename them, buff them, set them to hunt from a stationary location or make them guard you or command them to attack enemies.

Crafting Tower[]

In order to build your own Personal Service Towers, you will need to obtain something called a Multi-Purpose Tuner. One can get this by completing a relatively easy quest for the Supplymaster of your faction called the Gift Wrapped Basket Quest. From this quest you will obtain the tuning tool, which is manditory for crafting service towers.

202575 Multi-Purpose Tuner

This tool is truly indispensable. By a UIF (User Impulse Feedback system) it is able to analyze and tune both electrical, electro-chemical, mechanical, pseudo-mechanical, nano-electrical, nano-chemical and volatile nanobot processes. The uses of this tuner are too many to list.

Once you have the Tuner, you will have to decide on what QL you want your Personal Service Tower to be. There are four different quality levels ranging from the lower Androids to the Nano towers (which unfortunately because of inhuman requirements cannot be built yet).

202532 Android Service Tower Library

Available at QL75

202570 Cyborg Service Tower Library

Available at QL225

202579 Semi-Sentient Service Tower Library

Available at QL150

202577 Nano-Supervised Service Tower Library
Available at QL300

By using the Multi-Purpose Tuner on your Tower Library, you will end up with a Service Tower Brain. This takes 5.75 times the QL of the Library in your Mechanical Engineering skills and 4 times the QL in both your Electrical Engineering and Nanoprogramming skills to achieve.

202575 + 202579 = 202578 Service Tower Brain

This specialized brain is ready to command a Service Tower.

Now you will need a Service Tower Shell in order to complete the process. Simply combine the Service Tower Brain with the Service Tower Shell in order to complete the process and get yourself a new mechanical friend ready to lay down its life for you. This final step will require 4 times the QL of the Service Tower Brain in Mechanical Engineering to complete.

202578 + 202580 = 203109 Inactive Semi-Sentient Service Tower

This is a deactivated, personal Service Tower. Service Towers have less restrictions than other towers featured with Land Control.


service tower pet information window
|Pet Information Window

To place this tower, all you have to do is to fulfill the requirements and hey presto, you will have a neat little tower to order around or play Pacman on.||||

/tower attack Makes the tower attack your targeted enemy
/tower rename [name] Renames the tower to [name]
/tower guard Will set the tower on autoguard you if you are attacked.
/tower terminate Will terminate the tower allowing you to build a new one.
/tower behind Sets the tower on wait mode
/tower report Reports the towers activities
/tower chat "[String]" Makes the tower chat

Buffing towers[]

Towers may be buffed with a wide range of nano formulas. AoE aura and speeches do affect service tower damage, crits and armor rating values and the results may be parsed via third party software. Sadly, trimmers do not work on service towers.


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