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Philip Ross

Philip Ross (also known as "Boss Ross") is CEO of Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka. Head of Omni-Tek on the planet Rubi-Ka, Philip Ross has been the subject of respect and hatred throughout his thirty-two year history as CEO. On May 7, 29479 is was shot and seriously injured in a assassination attempt in Omni-Entertainment.


Born in 29404, he became the youngest CEO in Omni-Tek history in 29447. Dedicated to Omni-Tek he strove to make sure the company was powerful and secure. In recent years he worked to avoid further conflict with the clans keeping in communication with Council of Truth leader Henry Radiman. Some have recently begun to believe Philip Ross' influence on Rubi-Ka affairs has been reduced to more of a figure-head being controlled behind the scenes by Omni-Prime.

Assassination Attempt[]

On May 7, 29479, while giving a public speech by the south gate of Omni-Entertainment, Philip Ross was shot and severely injured by an unknown gunman. Omni-Med said using insurance technology was not reliable since Ross' pattern is believed to be out of date. Ross rarely used insurance, having never completely trusted the technology. Also Ross was 75 when he was shot, above the age for the safe use of insurance. On May 30 Ross slipped into a coma attributed to an unknown nano-virus.

No one has yet been charged with the assassination attempt, but an aggressive investigation is on going. Everyone from rouge clan members to an Omni-Tek plot has been suggested as behind the attack. Ever since the shooting, tensions have been raised between the clans and Omni-Tek, leading some to fear another conflict is on the horizon.