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This fun little performance enhancing drug is made from Gas Bladders that drop in the Crypt of Home. One use of this Stim will raise your Chemical AC by 500 for 30 minutes. The Gas Bladders needed to make these stims drop commonly from Blorrgs floating around some of the first areas of the Dungeon.

Required Skills[]

  • Pharma Tech (PT)

required items and tools[]

Tool *1 Location min. QL
Mimicking Cellular Oil V Shop 80
Empty Stim Unit V Shop 80
Gas Bladder V Crypt of Home ?
W = reuseable, V = consumed


File:37970.png + File:11716.png = File:100338.png Skills: PT
Gas Bladder Empty Stim Unit Chemical Poison Sample ?
File:100338.png + File:100306.png = File:100310.png Skills: PT
Chemical Poison Sample Mimicing Cellular Oil Polymerizing Stim ?

I beleive all the QLs need to be at least 80 I'm not sure on the skill reqs though

--Berael 17:08, 25 May 2006 (CEST)