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Player versus player combat is combat where player characters fight other player characters, rather then non-player character monsters. Like many MMORPGs, PvP combat is a very large part of the game experience.


Each zone has a Suppression Gas setting that decides what you can do in that zone. Messages of Gas status is displayed when zoning or when Gas changes inside a zone. When Gas status changes within a zone, you will be in a (dis)grace period which varies from 15 sec to 1 minute.

During that time you are affected by the rules in previous zone (e.g. when you go from 75% to 25% you cannot be attacked for 1 minute). If you are in a grace period, transitioning from a area of higher suppression to one of lower suppression you can break your grace period by attacking another player. (Dis)grace timer messages are displayed in the middle of the screen.

There are 5 different gas states:

100% Gas
No fighting can be done in zone (Either PvM or PvP)
75% Gas
PvM fighting is allowed and Flagged PvP is allowed as well, You cannot attack an unflagged player
25% Gas
PvM and PvP is allowed, you can attack anyone except players from your own Faction
5% Gas
PvM and PvP is allowed, you can attack anyone except your own orgmates
0% Gas
PvM and PvP is allowed, you can attack anyone

You can never attack your team members, although in low gas levels some hostile aura nanos might affect them.


A PvP flag is a method that allows players to be attacked while in a 75% suppression zone as if they were in a 25% zone. Characters with PvP flags are identified by the two asterisks on either side of their name. The Flag is a hostile nano that cannot be deleted from your NCU window.

There are 2 types of flags:

15 min flag
This flag can be obtained by attacking another player who is flagged for 15 min or by attacking guards in cities. This type of flag is contagious, so if you attack or assist a flagged character, you will also receive a flag. This flag type will be erased from the NCU if the character dies.
4h flag
This flag can be obtained by attacking towers while your organisation does not own any towers. This type of flag is not contagious (If players attack you, they wont be flagged).

50% Rule[]

50% Rule means that all your weapons, specials and nanos will do only 50% of damage, they would do in PvM.

This rule cannot be broken.

Example of this rule: your regular hit on a monster is 4602 dmg, therefore your regular hit in pvp (if your opponent has the same AC as the monster) is 2301 dmg.

30% Rule[]

30% Rule means that no single attack can damage your opponent more than 30% of his full hp (having reflect shield on you extends it even farther e.g. having RRFE (30% reflect) will mean that players can hit you for max of 25% of your hp.

This rule is ignored by few special attacks (such as ENF perk S&D(Slice 'n Dice)) and nanos (NT deck nukes, introduced in LE(for an example: Izgimmer's Double and Izgimmer's Tripple))

Example of this rule is: In PvM you can cap your AS hitting for 13k dmg each time. In pvp your opponent only has 8000 hp (and no reflects) therefore if you AS him, your maximum hit will be 3200 damage, and if your opponent had 30% reflect running you would only hit for 2000 damage.

Level Range[]

You cannot fight any other player you meet, your opponent needs to be in your level range. Pvp range is a bit wider then teaming range. General formula for calculating your pvp range is:

minimum level you can PvP with = your level * 0.8 (e.g. level 100 can pvp with lvl 80, but cant pvp with lvl 79)

maximum level you can PvP with = your level / 0.8 (e.g. level 100 can pvp with lvl 125, but cant pvp with lvl 126)

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