Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Quests are specific jobs you get from some NPCs.

Most of these tasks are a good way to get some of the Armor or Weapon Items in Anarchy Online.
Other Quests are needed to gain acess to different places or as a help in the Shadowlnads.

There are also quests that are just there to make a small change in the normal daily run.

Quests on Rubi-Ka[]

Most of these quests are from the early beginning of Anarchy Online.
Anyhow some are still required today and worth doing for some professions.

Also these quests are the only quest content Free Account players have.

Rubi-Ka quest overview

Quests in the Shadowlands[]

With the Add-on Shadowlands many new quests where introduced.
Most of them are to gain access and allow faster traveling between the new gardens.

Others quests are needed to gain playfield access.

With the latests patches there are also a lot of small quests that allow people to find out more about the history and to give them something beside the stupid Heckler killing.

Shadowlands quest overview

Quests with Alien Invasion[]

The last Add-On Alien Invasion brought also some new quests.
The both main quests are needed for the new Alien and Social Armor aswell as the permission to per kthe AI 3 tech Perk

Alien Invasion quest overview