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The Reanimator's Cloak was introduced in patch 15.5 along with the Crypt of Home Dungeon. This nano buffing robe quickly became popular with casting professions trying desperately to get those last few points of nanoskills to cast that next heal, attack, or pet.

The Robe starts off at QL100, with a level lock of 75+ to wear, and ends up at QL150 with a level lock of 100. To level the robe all you have to do is right click it, provided you meet the Psychic and Intelligence requirements for the next jump in QL.

Required skills[]

  • Chemistry (Chem)
  • Computer Literacy (CL)

Required Items and Tools[]

tool *1 habitat min. QL
Pit Demon Heart C Crypt of Home
Pit Demon Drop
Necromancer Cloak C Crypt of Home
Necromancer Drop
Bio-Comminutor C Shop Bought
Chemistry Tools
*1 R = reuseable, C = consumed

Important Note: In this Tradeskill, the biocom is consumed in the process, so you should try to purchase one in the ql 80-100 range so you do not lose a more expensive higher ql.

The Process[]

The first step is to process the Demon Heart so it can be used on the robe.

File:154332:100.png + File:245171.png = File:245270.png Skills: Chem
Bio-Comminutor Pit Demon Heart Indigo Carmine 525

The final combine must be done by the person who wishes to use the robe because the result is NODROP.

File:245270.png + File:245170.png = File:245259.png Skills: CL
Indigo Carmine Necromancer Robe Reanimator's Cloak 450

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