Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Research is a series of bonuses and procs that you can obtain if your account has the Lost Eden expansion pack. (Note: players using the free play option do not get access to perks).

There are two forms of research. The first is a set of 7 profession-specific research lines called Personal Research, that raise specific skills and give access to Procs. The second type of research is called Global Research, and grants access to mechs and turrets and upgrades for them. Global Research is raised cumulatively by your entire faction; Personal Research must be paid for by your own character.

The Research Window[]

To open the research window just hit shift+o or hit the research button on the GUI. In this window there are 3 tabs:


The Research Allocation Page

  • Allocate Research:
This tab allows you to change the percentage of XP or SK per gain that will be used for research and show you what you've already accomplished in research that you've started.

The Research Available Page

  • Available Research:
This tab shows all research lines you can currently put research into, and allows you to change your research goals.

The Research Finished Page

  • Finished Research:
This shows all research completed by yourself and your faction.

Personal Research[]

Personal Research Caps[]

Personal Research caps at 5% of the total research cost, so you must get 20 xp/sk rewards at minimum to level new research. If the amount of XP or SK that would be sent into research exceeds this cap, the amount not used in research will carry over into your XP/SK pool.

Research Level Level Cap XP Needed XP Cap SK Needed SK Cap
1 1 50,000 2,500 50 2
2 50 450,000 22,500 450 22
3 75 1,600,00 80,000 1,600 80
4 100 4,700,000 235,000 4,700 235
5 125 12,750,000 637,500 12,750 637
6 150 32,000,000 1,600,000 32,000 1,600
7 175 54,000,000 2,700,000 54,000 2,700
8 190 64,000,000 3,200,000 64,000 3,200
9 190 740,000,000 37,000,000 740,000 37,000
10 200 900,000,000 45,000,000 900,000 45,000