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General information[]

NPC richelieu


  • Richelieu
  • Atrox Banjo player


  • Clan
  • Organisation unknown


Dialoge with Richelieu[]

Richelieu: Hello.Is that a frog over there?

I think it was a frog. Or maybe it was a rock.
Come to think of it, I think frogs usually jump.
I think it's a rock.

Cirte: Who are you?
Richelieu: I am Richelieu, the famous banjo player!
Cirte: What do you do?
Richelieu: I play the banjo, therefore I...

Therefore I can fly?

Cirte: Can you play the banjo for me?
Richelieu: You want me to play the banjo for you?

Sure, I could do that...
If I only had more mushroom-soup...

Cirte: Please give me the recipe for mushroom soup.
Richelieu: You want my recipe for mushroom-soup?

OK. It's simple. Just take 5 delicious, beautiful, lovely mushrooms.
Then get 3 Leet legs. About this size! Or maybe a bit smaller. Just get some legs, OK?
Then you have to get a couple of handfuls of leaves from that Frazetta bush.
Then you boil it!
Oh, I almost forgot! You have to put all the stuff in a pot and add water till you've covered all the ingredients!
And THEN you boil it.
And then you eat it.
And then you pass out!
It's great!!

Cirte: I want to talk about something else.
Richelieu: OK.

You were saying?

Cirte: Tell me about mushrooms.
Richelieu: Mushrooms? Oh Yes! I love mushrooms!

I make my own mushroom-soup, you know. You can have the recipe if you want!
The best mushrooms in the world are here in this valley.
And I've been all over the world eating mushrooms!
That's why I live here.
Because of the mushrooms.
Now, if only Moog would go away, I'd be perfectly happy!

Cirte: Tell me about Moog.
Richelieu: Moog is the local whack-job. He's just plain crazy.

He's so crazy that crazy people thinks he is crazy!

Cirte: Do you have a mission for me?
Richelieu: Mission?

Well, I could always need some more mushrooms...
Will you get some for me?

Cirte: Goodbye
Richelieu: Goodbye.

--Cirte 11:07, 14 April 2006 (CEST)