Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Title: Chief of Operations, Omni-Med
Occupation: Doctor
Alliance: Omni-Tek
Age: Approx. 200

Short, wirey, and obsessed with her appearance, Rita Prestin takes great pride in her work as the chief medical officer of Omni-Med. Often seen as somewhat harsh and to-the-point, she is certainly unequaled in the medical field, and has used her talents extensively upon the world of Rubi-Ka.

Despite her age, she maintains the appearance of a woman in her mid-fourties, shoulder-length black hair strikingly streaked with bits of silver. She appears to wear quite a bit of makeup, and has been seen to be rather vain about her appearance, often using medical technology to enhance her looks.

Ms. Prestin is among the main scientists responsible for the flora and fauna of Rubi-Ka, though there are those who would question whether for good or ill--Many of the monsters that roam the planet's surface are from her own designs.

Currently, she is hard at work attempting to cure the comatose Philip Ross, and has been seen several times addressing the public on his status.