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The Outpost of Sabulum

Sabulum is an outpost on the western edge of the Perpetual Wastelands that is famous as a standoff point between Omni-Pol and Clan members during the amnesty talks of 29476. The outpost is ambiguously aligned as Neutral or Clan


The origins of this outpost can most likely be traced back to back to the reinforcement period of 29227 when the Clans retreated to the northern territories without much Omni-Tek harassment. Since the design of the city shares many qualities with that of Bliss its likely they were both made by the Clans around the same period of time. It would also explain the reason for the standoff of 29476.

In January of 29476, Omni-Tek forces made their way to Sabulum to search for wanted criminals and suspected Dust Brigade members in the northern city. While this action was done in accordance with the Tir Accord and the approval of the Council of Truth, many clansmen felt this was a betrayal by the Council and moved to intercede. The situation grew more and more precarious as the Clan forces mounted and eventually intermittent fights broke out in the city.

These fights prompted a rapid response of the ICC officials on Rubi-Ka to attempt to defuse the situation. This was to no avail and the fighting lasted from the 22nd till the 29th of January, with the city changing hands several times. Finally, on the 29th Omni-Tek forces made a full withdrawal from the city and terminated operations there.

These events directly led to the end of the Omni-Tek amnesty program.

Present Day[]


A night rain in Sabulum

Currently, it would seem that the Clans have also abandoned Sabulum and it nows stands mostly empty excepting the Neutral mercenaries, squatters, and brigands.


  • Thin Bernice is offering the unique service of selling tank armors and battle suits at (1038,2503) under an archway.
  • You can find the services of a Basic armorer in Sabulum at (1130,2385)under the sign of "Barly's Armor"
  • Basic weapons can be found from the shop located at (1011,2420) under the sign of "Milo's Weapons Emporium". Right next to the entrance you can find a banking services terminal.
  • A tailor can be found under the sign "Rocking Shoes" located at (1036,2420)

Sights to See[]

  • There are many small, empty rooms located around Sabulum for those who wish to go looking.


  • Maybe due to the major events of 29476, Sabulum has remained largely abandoned, so those people who continue to stay there are hardly talkative to strangers.


--Berael 16:41, 7 February 2007 (CET)