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The Ruins of Safe Haven Town

Safe Haven Town, rather the remains of that town, lay in the northern reaches of Upper Stret East Bank.


Safe Haven Town seems to have been a victim of circumstance.

The lone resident of the former town tells the story of how soldiers on their way back from attempting to retake Athens from the Clans stopped at the town. These soldiers disliked the idea of Omni-Tek employees and Clansmen living together so they burned the town to the ground, and killed everybody they could find, before they moved on.

There is some ambiguity with this story, as told by Delphine Sabbatt. If we are to assume that the soldiers coming back from Athens were Omni-Tek soldiers coming back from when Omni-2 was taken by the Clans during the day of the First Rubi-Ka Civil War, it would mean that she is more then 250 years old!

Another strange site is that the ruins have an insurance system respawn point and item reclaim terminal among them. Since this technology was introduced in 29436, and made open to all in 29452, it would seem that the sacking of the town happened latter then previously suspected. That is unless the insurance system equipment was added latter to the little village, which is unlikely if it was burned to the ground.

It is much more likely that the safe haven town massacure happened towards the end of the Third Rubi-Ka Civil War that ended in the Tir Accord.

Present Day[]

On March 14th, 29481 a group of Clan subterfuge specialists took up residence in Safe Haven Town with their leader: Carillion Thunder. This group attacks all Neutrals and Omni-Tek personel that near the ruins, but officials in Omni Entertainment give out missions to kill this insurgent.


  • Surprisingly there are still a few services in Safe Haven Town. Travelers can find Bank terminals, and Mission Posting Terminals among the ruins. These service terminals are Neutral and respond to anyone.

Sights to See[]

  • Other then the testiment to hate and bigotry that the ruins of the town represent, there is little to see in this lump of charcoal.


  • Delphine Sabbatt seems to be the only resident of Safe Haven Town currently, and she tells her story to who ever will listen.