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Scheol overview The serene atmosphere of Elysium rapidly changes as one enters into Scheol. Initially it seems to consist of endless highlands, with only meager undergrowth. Rolling hills and mountain ranges stretch on as far as the eye can see, with only sporadic signs of the ancient civilisation around; such as half-collapsed bridges and fallen structures. But these highlands are suddenly cut off by contorted and twisted landscape. The mountains themselves have apparently been wrung and thrown about to form a maze of narrow canyons. Torn and twisted pathways line the walls and descend wildly, spiralling endlessly downwards.

Incredibly strong winds have ripped through these canyons, polishing their walls for millions of years. They have dug ever deeper and carved their way into the abyss. Screaming storms will envelop those treading the precarious ledges and wind-polished stone bridges, and travellers will indeed be lucky to find a level surface to plant their feet on.

In the rubble left by the old civilisation, fanatic loyalists of the Redeemed and the Unredeemed have built bases, even managed to keep some villages intact, and some of the old notum mining machinery is still active, but a bit out of control. Amidst the ruins there are remnants of forgotten and terrible experiments performed by the ancients who tried to trap and contain the souls of their dying brethren.

The Redeemed and Unredeemed minions are not the greatest challenge players will come across in Scheol. These minions are on the defensive against the real threat; the horde of starving and mindless Brink monsters. Creatures that had their last proper meal somewhere around Dawn of Creation, and are eager for some long overdue dessert.

Completing the journey through Scheol will bring players to the Brink, as well as literally underneath the earth itself, where they will come face to face with the timeless, placeless nature of the Shadowlands.

Scheol overview2

Runar Thor Thorarinsson
Story & Game Designer