Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

- Talk to Prophet Eckel-Roch, in the temple of Roch (Just next to the Temple Bog stone) until you get a mission. (Enter The Temple Bog, pass through first large room, inside second large room, turn left and run around the balcony, enter door on left, turn right and run until you see Prophet Eckel-Roch.)

- Go kill Redeemed mobs at the Redeemed temple west of the Unredeemed temple. (ie: head west out of the unredeemed temple over the bridge. follow the trail that continues south, then west. it leads you directly to the redeemed temple area) Also during this time it may be in your best interest to loot an insignia of roch or two, as you'll need them later.

- Tradeskill the four pieces of the `Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu` pattern together and return to Prophet Eckel-Roch to show the Complete Blueptrint Pattern of `Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu`to him.

- Go to the Garden of Roch by using one of the insignias you looted earlier and find Hypnagogic Urga-Xum Roch. to show the Complete Blueptrint Pattern of 'Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu'to him as well.

- Now you should have a mission to make a pocket boss. You must build the pocket boss yourself as it's part of the mission. however, it has much lower skill requirements than a normal pocket boss and should be easily accomplished with only buffs. any questions on building a pocketboss, in-game you can '/tell recipebot show me 87' for a detailed walkthrough.

- Time to kill a pocket boss! spawn and kill the newly created pocketboss Novictalized Notum Crystal with 'Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu'.Loot the Old piece of cloth sparkling with notumas well as the Essence of Patience.

- Return once again to the garden of roch and show him the old piece of cloth sparkling with notum. he'll finally give you your Key to the Garden of Roch!