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Sealed weapon recepticals have been around for a long time in game, but with the continued additions of expansions that try and surpass eachother in the lethality of their weapons, most of these weapons are easily forgotten. The weapon recepticals are found as chest loot in missions and come in a wide variety of types and styles of ranged weapons, but never melee. Each of the weapons found in the case are partly disassembled so they need to have parts added to them to restore their functionality.

Skills Needed Edit

  • Breaking and Entering(BE)
  • Weapon Smithing (WS)

Items and Tools Needed Edit

Tool * Location Min. QL
Sealed Weapon Receptical C Chest loot 80% of the Component
Hacker Tool C Shop Terminal
min. 80%
Weapon Component R Shop Terminal
Range Weapon Component
Sets end QL.
* R = reuseable, C = consumed

Tradeskill Process Edit

The first step in actualy building on of these weapons is to crack open the sealed case. Since these cases are designed to withstand meteors and hordes of rampaging shoppers we will need to do it the clever way: with a hacker's tool.

File:157448.png + File:99282.png = File:13312.png Skills:
Sealed Weapon Receptical Hacker Tool Unfinished Weapon  ???

Once you have obtained your unfinished weapon, you need to find the component that finishes it. Luckily we have provided that list here. Note though that the final QL is set by the ql of the component, no the ql of the gun you find, so if you want a max level gun you need to find high level components. All the weapons can be made up to ql 200 except for the Pepper Pistol that can be made to level 194


  • The Summer SMP item can be made into 4 different guns depending on the item you combine it with.

--Berael 19:52, 21 February 2007 (CET)

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