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Appearance and Features Edit

File:203450.png File:203455.png File:203450.png
ProjectileAC: 4250
MeleeAC: 4250
EnergyAC: 4250
FireAC: 3190
ColdAC: 4250
RadiationAC: 4250
ChemicalAC: 4050
PoisonAC: 4250
Agility: 9
Intelligence: 8
Sense: 10
Psychic: 8
MaxHealth: 720
MaxNCU: 68
Bio.Metamorphosis: 10
Treatment: 8
RangedInit.: 14
MeleeInit.: 14
EvadeClsC: 16
RunSpeed: 60
2hBlunt: 14
2hEdged: 14
MeleeEnergy: 8
Parry: 8
SneakAttack: 10
FastAttack: 10
Brawl: 8
Dimach: 8
Bow: 8
AssaultRifle: 22
Shotgun: 10
Rifle: 8
RangedEnergy: 14
FlingShot: 9
AimedShot: 8
Burst: 10
FullAuto: 12
ElectricalEngineering: 8
ComputerLiteracy: 8
Perception: 16
MapNavigation: 38

Values compared to Carbonum Armor

Where you get this Armor? Edit

Sentinel Armor is for Clan only and is given as a reward from the Supply Master Smug Quests

Quest NPCLocationArmor Part
High Commander FredericksonSentinel Base, Wailing Wastes (2605x3645)Body
Supplymaster SmugSentinel Base, Wailing Wastes (2885x3555)Everything else
Omni NPCLocationSpawn Time
Supplymaster EelSecondary OTAF Base, Avalon (820x1660)~3h
General Kaehler Jr.Secondary OTAF Base, Avalon (780x1630)~3h
Major CopperfieldWestern Terraform Plant, Avalon (460x2400)20min
Major DaltonWestern Terraform Plant, Avalon (380x2220)20min

RewardLootvon wemQuest NPC
20px Helmet20px Little brown bookEelSmug
20px Body20px Silver PlatterEelFrederickson
20px Head of General KaehlerKaehlerFrederickson
20px Pants20px DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces PantsEel or KaehlerSmug
20px Boots20px DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces BootsEel or KaehlerSmug
20px Sleeves20px DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces SleevesEel, Kaehler, Dalton or CopperfieldSmug
20px Gloves20px DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces GlovesEel, Kaehler, Dalton or CopperfieldSmug

Pro 'n' Con Edit


- Side=Clan

Comments Edit

Only in QL200

Additonal Source: Jexai's - Sentinel Armor

Translated by --JungleGeorge 25 February 2007

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