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Prof shade

The Shade is the opposite of everything that is light and good, and it's obvious she belongs to the "dark side", even though the character will not be evil per se. The Shade will be a tough character to solo due to his limited hit points.

The Shade is really a melee class but will have a high focus on "procs" (a proc is a nano that is some times run on the fighting target during combat). Being expert in hand to hand fighting, the primary weapons will be of the piercing kind.

It's worth mentioning that she will not be able to use implants. In their place, you'll find trapped Spirits, which will give various benefits. Since it's an innate ability, the character won't need a surgery clinic to trap or release Spirits. His armour will often come in the form of "spiritual" tattoos, enabling truly unique profession abilities.

Nano-wise, the Shade will get mostly self-beneficial buffs. He will be able to buff herself to be able to do more powerful procs. Her repertoire will consist of direct damage on target, stuns, initiative debuffs, and hit-point/nano-point DoTs, run speed debuffs, short duration fears, evade debuffs and trader-like leeching. Through perk-enabled special abilities, she will be able to drain attack rating, defence rating and health from the enemy. The longer a fight lasts, the more power he drains.

Story-wise, the Shade is seen as a very selfish character you should never fully trust. She will literally backstab you at first opportunity if it's to her gain. The Shade comes from the lowest pits in the Shadowlands, where they were constructed by the first explorers so they could specialize in getting around in the darker, deadlier places of the realm.